Best Showroom Clearance Deals On Sofas

Apart from the TV, many would agree that the sofa is the integral part of any living room. The more comfortable and stylish it is, the better. There are so many possibilities, and showrooms are a great way to check out pieces and see which one you love the most.

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So, let’s say that you want to buy a beautiful new sofa that will go perfectly with all the rest of your furniture, but you’re on a limited budget? Well, that’s no problem. If you know where to go and when, you can find lots of very attractive sales, deals and discounts on new sofas, including models in the clearance section and models that have recently gone out of production. Better yet, if you shop at online stores, you’ll often be able to cut that price tag down even further.

Your comfy couch awaits. Keep on reading to discover some of the best clearance deals on sofas that are well worth considering.


Birch Lane - Nash 79'' Upholstered Sofa

This beautiful, classic, super comfortable sofa from Birch Lane is designed to fit 3 people, and comes in a plethora of over 50 different colors and patterns.

As far as style is concerned, this is definitely one of those sofas that you’ll always want to come home to and relax on. The cushions are made from fiber wrapped foam and are soft but plump, so you can sit on it as long as you wish without having difficulty getting up later on. The short and durable legs are made of medium-brown colored wood, and the frame is made of four excellent materials- Plywood, Particleboard, Laminated veneer lumber and Fiberboard. If you still need some more convincing, simply check out all the fantastic customer reviews.

Birch Lane offers free shipping on all orders over $35.00, monthly payment option with their credit card or with their special financing plan, 5 year warranty plan, good shipping and return policies, decent customer service, special discounts and more.

Price: $740.00

Ikea - Klippan Loveseat

If you’re looking for a medium-sized sofa that says “simple, yet sleek and modern”, then this is definitely the one. The back is low-set, and the legs are short and made of steel.

Durable metal springs in the seat give the sofa a soft yet springy comfort, allowing you to sit, relax and enjoy it for many years. The cover is made from Vissle fabric in polyester, which is dope-dyed. It’s a high quality material with a smooth weave and a nice two-tone effect. Plus, you get a choice of 4 colors, so one of them is bound to go very nicely with the rest of your living room area.

The cover is easy to keep clean, thanks to its removable and machine washable covering. It also comes with an attractive 10-year limited warranty.
Ikea offers home delivery, at store or curbside pickup, special discounts and rewards using their credit card, customer ratings and reviews, and more.

Price: $349.00

Walmart - Lifestyle Solutions Taryn Rolled Arms Sofa

It might surprise you, but Walmart really does carry a great selection of furniture at super affordable and competitive prices, and sofas are no exception.
The Taryn Rolled Arm Sofa from Lifestyle Solutions is upholstered, available in 3 different colors, and comes with a three seat option to fit your space and style. <p. It possesses a solid eucalyptus wooden frame and is built for lasting quality. The Taryn combines a classy elegance that would please any customer that's into the modern yet retro look, versatility of use and ease of assembly. Its high density foam cushions with rolled arms and beautifully button tufted back envelop your body with luscious comfort, and instantly transform any room into your favorite place to lay back at the end of each day for some much needed relaxation time.

Walmart offers a monthly payment option, “protection” plans, at-home product assembly service, free and reliable shipping, and customer reviews.

Price: $300.00

Bob’s Discount Furniture - Studio 1B Blue Sofa & Loveseat

Are you interested in a two piece set instead of just one that you can get at a bargain/outlet price? Then look no further. The Studio 1B Sofa & Loveseat from Bob’s Discount Furniture is a traditional design with just slightly longer legs than other sofas, which appeal to many people who like the extra splash of style. They both come in a shade of blue that can really make a statement. It conveys confidence, beauty, intelligence and personality all in one.

Having a sofa set is always great, primarily if you have family or guests over at your home and need some extra space to seat them so you can all enjoy everything together in equal comfort, whether it be a nice conversation, a drink or a Netflix special. Additionally, both the sofa and loveseat are made of polyester and BOP (Bob- O-Pedic) memory foam and come with four smaller matching pillows for extra comfort.

Bob’s Discount Furniture offers online customer service, “Goof Proof” warranty plan, monthly payment option, reliable delivery and more.

Price: $598.00

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