Best Warehouse Jobs For Seniors

Warehouse jobs of all kinds have always been in great demand, but ever since COVID struck the world back in 2020, the E-commerce market has skyrocketed to new and unprecedented heights. Thus, the need for warehouse employees of all ages has exponentially increased along with it.

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Not too long ago, most seniors were able to retire and live quite comfortably off of their pension funds. However, in today’s day and age, this is often not the case. The overall costs and expenses of living have gone up to such an extent, that many seniors go through their savings, if they had any, and can no longer afford to live off of their hard-earned pension fund alone. Many other seniors are financially well off, yet they have absolutely no desire to retire, which is quite understandable.

Whatever the situation, there is no doubt that seniors have accumulated a lot of invaluable knowledge, experience and skill that younger fellow employees could learn a great deal from. But not all jobs are suitable for seniors, due to their extreme physical requirements or very stressful environment. If you are a senior looking for a suitable job, no need to worry- there are a variety of warehouse jobs that are non-demanding.

Keep on reading to discover some of the best warehouse jobs that would be happy and thankful to have a much needed, seasoned senior employee.


Team Leader

Team leaders are in charge of providing the various needs of warehouse employees, general warehouse management, as well as assigning duties and enforcing rules. If you can stay on top of things, stay organized and do well under some occasional stress and pressure, then this position is a no brainer.

Many warehouses may prefer to hire team leaders from within their company, but there are also many that are eager to hire seniors from the outside, as long as you have enough relevant experience. Plus, you can also go from a warehouse job to team leader position in a mere matter of months in some warehouses.


Some warehouses hire trainers whose main role is to train newly hired employees. If you have teaching or coaching experience and really enjoy doing it, then this is the job for you.

Essentially, a trainer’s responsibility is to show new employees how to do their jobs in the best and most efficient way possible. However, it’s important to note that you may need to put in a bit of physical work in the process when necessary, such as lifting a box and showing them proper lifting procedures.
Trainers also reinforce the company’s rules and procedures, especially those regarding employee safety and wellbeing.

Conventionally, you may need to be a warehouse worker for a little while before becoming a trainer. In some cases, however, it is possible to become a trainer within a relatively short period of time.

Quality Assurance Clerk

A warehouse quality assurance (QA) clerk’s job involves auditing inventory. They ensure that pallets have the right amount of cases and that there are no shortages or overages of items. This is a great position for those who have a knack for detail and strong visual observance skills.

While the lifting is very minimal with this position, your legs and knees will need to be in good shape. QAs may have to walk the equivalent of 10s of miles during their work week, especially in large warehouses, to inspect pallets in racks. They also compile reports of their findings, solve problems regarding damaged items, as well as fixing issues related to order filling.

Administrative Assistant

This job requires you to perform general clerical duties, such as data entry, writing documents and taking phone calls. This job is perfect if you’ve previously worked as a personal assistant or a customer service rep, and have the patience it requires.<p. The specific day to day activities will depend on the facility and specific department you will be working in. A moderate level of knowledge and experience in office suite software, particularly Microsoft Office and Google Docs, is essential in this line of work.

Yard Marshal

Yard marshals work are in charge of directing and inspecting traffic, mainly semis, delivery vans and other vehicles that come in and out of the yard. This is one of the most vital jobs at a warehouse, because without a traffic manager, nothing would ever arrive or depart on time. Yard marshals are also responsible for ensuring that all the yard facilities, such as docks, are clean and well organized.

This is considered an easy entry-level warehouse role, since there’s plenty of downtime in-between the arrival and departure of company vehicles.

Yard Jockey

A yard jockey, also known as a yard spotter, uses a terminal tractor (or yard dog) to pull trailers onto docks for loading or unloading products.

Many warehouses have big lots where trailers need to wait their turn for loading or unloading. Your job as a yard jockey is backing up trailers onto docks when it’s their turn.

Other responsibilities of a yard jockey include:
● washing and weighing trailers
● setting up tandems
● Performing full routine pre-trip inspections of the trucks
● maintaining records and forms

All in all, the job can be pretty laid back in some warehouses, thanks to the company’s computer that tells you in which dock to put a trailer.

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