Best Washing Machine Deals In 2023

In today’s world of modern technology, it’s hard to imagine that not too long ago, people lived and survived without essential appliances, especially washing machines. Thankfully, that’s all history. But when you want to buy a new washer, finding the best deals can be somewhat challenging and time- consuming.

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If you’re on a limited budget, have limited space or desire certain features, getting the best deal is a must. But here’s where it can get a bit tricky- Many washing machines may be the crem dela crem in terms of advanced features and user convenience, but the price may be, to put it quite frankly, astronomical. Other machines may be super cheap, but are so lackluster and non- accommodating that you’d be better off sticking with what you currently have. Or perhaps the warranty isn’t all that great. In other words, it can be downright frustrating. So, with all that being said, which washers are really worth giving a whirl?

Laundry baskets at the ready. Listed below are some of the top-notch washing machine deals that you don’t wanna miss out on in 2023.


Appliances Connection- The Electrolux ELFW7537AT

The Electrolux ELFW7537AT stands out for its versatility and functionality. It may not have that snazzy advanced wifi, Alexa or smartphone app connection, but when it comes to laundry day, this machine will always get the job done in no time.

The customer ratings and reviews say it all- It’s easy to use and can even carry large duvets without any hassle. Plus, it only uses about 85 kilowatts per year, which is quite energy efficient in comparison to other machines, and the unique pod dispenser provides equal distribution of the detergent over your wash load. There are plenty of wash cycles to choose from as well, including sanitize, eco temperature and steam options.

Better yet, it possesses a quiet operator, which makes it a fantastic purchase for those who are light sleepers or work from home. The reversible door is also a handy feature worthy of the spotlight as well. This washer is ideal when it comes to removing even the most stubborn stains, thanks to its solid soil level option. The Electrolux includes bright LED displays and indicators that are easily readable, luxury internal lighting so you never miss a single sock or pair of underwear again, compact size, and more.

Appliance Connection’s Discount Price: $993.00

Best Buy- Samsung WA52A5500AC/US

If you have knee and/or back problems and don’t want to strain them every time you need to do a load, this top load washer from Samsung is just the machine you need.

The Samsung WA52A5500AC/US trumpets an abundance of features, including 12 wash cycles, five temperature options, five spin speeds and five rinse settings. But wait, there’s more- You can even download additional cycles using the SmartThings app. Using the app, you can also monitor this washer remotely; so you can conveniently start and stop it wherever you may be, receive end of cycle alerts and even schedule cycles.

This machine also has a huge capacity of 5.2 cu. ft, so it would easily suit a large family. Many customers love its “Active WaterJet” feature, which allows you to pretreat stained clothes before you wash them. On top of all this, it also comes in 3 beautiful color options- white, black and champagne.
The Samsung WA5 includes an attractive price, a monthly payment option and a 3 year warranty, which may not be as much as other machines but is still a fairly decent deal.

Best Buy’s Discount Price: $750.00

The Home Depot- LG WM4200HWA

LG’s WM4200HWA is a great choice if you want a super quiet washing machine. Even at its top spinning speed, it’s much less noisy than you would expect. For this reason, it would be ideal if you need to run your laundry through the night or if you don’t want to hear it while you’re trying to get important stuff done.

Also, it features a decent capacity of 5 cu. ft. which means you can fit a family load into the drum. Most importantly, it’s an excellent performer too — users have raved about how clean their laundry came out. While there is no internal light, this LG has an endearing feature that totally makes up for it- It sings a sweet little tune to you at the end of each cycle. So, if you’re into cutesy electronics, this is the machine for you. Better yet, It’s also app-controlled, so you can monitor it from your smartphone.

The LG WM4 includes a 10 year warranty, water and power efficiency, quick and deep cleansing, a helpful sidekick pedestal washer for small urgent washes, 2 color choices- silver and white, and much more.

Discount Price: $898.00


If you want a strong and reliable washing machine, but need something under $800.00, look no further than the LG WM3400CW. It offers a decent capacity of 4.5 cu. ft, as well as eight wash cycles to choose from. At 100 kWh/year, it’s an incredibly affordable machine to run, plus its Energy Star Certified.

Useful features include the SpeedWash cycle, which takes just 15 minutes to run, and the TubClean cycle, which helps keep it clean and fresh. It also features LG’s 6Motion technology — this will vary the wash motions depending on the cycle you select, protecting your clothes from damage while giving them the most efficient wash. The only features you wont get are a steam cycle and smart connectivity. But if that doesn’t matter to you, then this washing machine would make a fine addition to your laundry room. The LG WM3 includes a 10 year warranty.

LG’s Discount Price: $699.00

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