Best Way To Treat Hair Loss For Men

Hair loss is medically known as alopecia. Its occurrence in both genders is obvious during old age, whereby the man becomes bald by losing the hair that grows on his scalp.

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Hair Loss

Factors That Cause Hair Loss

However, the loss of hair may be temporary or permanent depending on a variety of factors such as:

Heredity: Heredity is the most common factor that causes male pattern baldness because baldness is a gene that can be transferred from one offspring to another for several generations without being altered. This cause of baldness is permanent and inevitable.

Medical condition and hormonal imbalance: There are several types of medical issues that may cause a sporadic loss of hair, which are usually temporary. The conditions include diabetes or lupus, anemia, and thyroid problems.
Hormonal imbalance is one of the significant factors that play a role in the temporary loss of hair in men. This is a side effect of the reaction between the male hormone called testosterone with 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme in the hair follicles. The enzyme converts the testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which causes alopecia (hair loss).

Medications: The side effects of using a variety of drugs for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, gout, high blood pressure, and heart problems may cause a temporary loss of hair.

Chemotherapy: Medical treatments that involve the use of radiation cause a type of hair loss condition known as Alopecia Medicamentosa. The loss of hair due to chemotherapy is temporary, whereby a halt to the use of this treatment brings about the growth of hair.

The factors listed above are responsible for the falling off of hair without being replaced by new ones. However, one can distinguish the causatives of hair loss by their appearance because hair loss is not restricted to the scalp alone. The types of hair loss include the following:

Diffuse hair Loss: which is medically known as Alopecia Diffusa. It is the total loss of hair from the entire head.
Hereditary hair loss: It is medically known as Alopecia Androgenetic.
Circular hair loss: It is medically known as Alopecia Areata. It occurs on the head as dark spots that prevent the growth of hair on several sections of the head.

Temporary Hair Loss Treatments

The loss of hair caused by several factors listed above can be temporary with immediate medical attention for the restoration of hair, but one can not treat the loss of hair caused by heredity; hence it will be permanent. Concerning the temporary loss of hair, there are several ways in which one can treat it, among which the best treatment methods include the following:

– Biotin
– Rogaine
– Propecia
– Hair Transplant


The use of Biotin, which is an oral supplement for hair loss treatment, is one of the common types of treatment health care specialists recommend to their patients complaining of hair loss. It is primarily used because it is a B vitamin, which happens to be the active ingredient in most hair, nails and skin for the stimulation of hair growth, alongside the thickening of nails and mitigation of skin inflammations. You will be eligible to get the best possible results if you use a supplement that contains vitamin C, Zinc and folic acid together with Biotin as the active ingredient. However, the effectiveness of Biotin in the stimulation of hair growth or treatment of hair loss is on the basis of evidence over scientific evidence. The absence of scientific evidence did not stop health care specialists from recommending Biotin to individuals with imminent hair loss.


Rogaine is also known as minoxidil. Individuals with hair loss use it to stimulate the growth of hair by applying it to the scalp. It is a different type of treatment, and you can not compare it to Biotin because Rogaine is primarily used for the specific purpose of growing hair on a bald scalp. However, it comes in two different types that are gender-specific. But demands long-term usage for the maintenance of a stable result because it has been noticed that individuals tend to have hair loss a few weeks after they stop this treatment.


Propecia is also known as Finasteride, is an oral treatment similar to Biotin. It is also a prescription medication that is recommended to individuals susceptible to hereditary hair loss. When this treatment is applied to the head, the skin will absorb it and stimulate the growth of hair by causing a hormonal imbalance that is safe to only men; hence, children and females should not attempt the usage of this treatment. Propecia demands consistency like Rogaine because one will be prone to hair loss immediately after he stops this treatment.

Hair Transplant

There are scenarios when some individual’s scalp may not respond to the use of Biotin, Propecia, and Rogaine for the treatment of hair loss that stimulates the growth of hair. If this is the case, health care specialists always recommend hair transplant surgery. However, this surgical process is productive and effective for individuals with a substantial quantity of hair on their scalp.


There are several factors that can cause loss of hair in individual scalps. But it will be good if you visit a doctor immediately after you notice a few signs that indicate hair loss, such as the gradual thinning on top of the head, patchy bald spot, and sporadic loosening of hair. There are medications apt to resolve the problem, such as Rogaine, Biotin, and Propecia; however, they yield the best result if you are consistent because a halt to the treatment would lead to the drastic loss of hair that had just grown with the use of these medications. But if these medications turn out to be futile, the doctor will recommend a surgical hair transplant for the individual. Transplantation of hair would be futile if the individual does not have a substantial quantity of hair on his scalp. It is an expensive procedure that costs from about $4000 to $15,000.

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