Cable and Internet Bundles Best for Seniors

Cable TV and internet service have been indispensable for almost everyone, including seniors, for many years now. The two services have basically blended over the years, with most cable companies also providing internet services. Therefore, these companies usually offer their customers a service package – combining both cable TV and internet.

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Looking for a good price is always a smart thing to do, but when choosing a cable/internet provider, seniors should also look for other important qualities, as outlined below:

– Customer Service, that is accessible, customer focused and responsive.

– Technical Support, again that is accessible, friendly, useful and patient.

– User Friendly Technology, control boxes and remote controls that are easy to understand and use.

– Installation Services that are efficient, thorough and neat.

– Reliable service for both TV and internet, service that doesn’t go “down”.

Below are listed five of the companies rated as the best for seniors to do business with, plus some tips and information on how to save money on your cable/internet bill.



This cable company provides service in 18 states and two attractive features they have are first, they include 50 commercial free music channels to enjoy on all their packages. Second, they allow you to customize your service package – in other words you can choose certain premium channels (such as movies and sports), even if these channels aren’t included in your package.

Cox offers the following Cable TV/Internet service packages:
– Starter: $45 per month for 75 TV channels plus internet service
– Contour: $110 per month for 140 TV channels plus internet service
– Contour Ultimate: $150 per month for 250 TV channels plus internet service


This company is affiliated with AT&T and is a streaming company, not a traditional cable TV company. They stream their TV channels over an internet connection, through AT&T wireless service. Two nice features of DIRECTV Stream are that they include the movie channel HBO Max with their service packages and also include 500 hours of cloud storage to record your movies and programs on.

They offer the following Cable TV/Internet service packages:
– Entertainment: $60 per month for 65 TV channels
– Choice: $65 per month for 90 TV channels
– Xtra: $75 per month for 120 TV channels


Mediacom offers not only the best deal on Cable TV/Internet service packages, but they also have some nice senior friendly features. Two of these features, that are included with their packages, are a TiVo digital video recorder (DVR), plus a voice remote control, which allows you to change channels and search for your favorite shows just by using your voice (especially nice for most seniors).

Mediacom offers the following Cable TV/Internet service packages:
– Internet 60: $50 per month for 50 TV channels plus internet service
– Internet 60: $80 per month for 125 TV channels plus internet service
– Internet 100: $110 per month for 170 TV channels plus internet service

Spectrum TV

This very large cable company was formerly known as Time Warner Cable is most areas. They provide service in 41 states. A very nice feature they have is that they do not require a contract commitment. Furthermore, they will pay your cancellation fee from your current provider when you switch over to Spectrum. They also offer a large number of high definition (HD) channels in their packages.

Spectrum offers the following Cable TV/Internet service packages:
– Select: $90 per month for 125 TV channels plus internet service
– Silver: $115 per month for 175 channels plus internet service
– Gold: $135 per month for 200 TV channels plus internet


They are the largest Cable TV company in the country and a feature that makes them special is their Xfinity Stream app – which lets you download and watch movies and programs on your digital devices. Also, their packages include higher speed internet service than most other providers.

Xfinity offers the following Cable TV/Internet service packages:

– Extra: $80 per month for 140 TV channels plus 200MB internet service
– Digital Preferred: $125 per month for 220 TV channels plus 600 MB internet service

Ways To Pay Less

Senior Discounts: Many cable TV and internet providers offer a discount for low-income seniors or AARP members. Talk to a customer service representative and specifically ask if these discounts are available.

Military Discounts: If you’re a veteran, ask customer service if they have a special rate for you and your family.

Seasonal Deals: Black Friday, July 4th, Memorial Day, and Labor Day are often times of the year when special deals are available.

Contract: If you are not planning to move in the near future and you are comfortable and confident in the cable company you have chosen, then getting a contract with them is a smart thing to do, as it will lower your monthly payment.

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