Cable Plus Internet Deals Best for Seniors

Both Cable TV and internet service are considered indispensable by most people, including seniors. And yes, seniors do use the internet – about 75% according to recent figures! Internet service is also provided by most major Cable TV companies… But how to get the most for lowest price? Let’s find out…

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Due to the emergence and popularity of both high definition (HD) TV and high speed internet, many cable TV companies are transmitting their programming to homes via fiber optic wires. The use of fiber optic transmission also makes it possible to bring high speed internet into your home. Therefore, cable TV companies offer both of these services and, not surprisingly, offer cable TV and internet services combined for a discount – meaning you pay less for each one than if you ordered them separately. These combination of services are often called “bundles”, and the best deals on such bundles are listed below.

Important Factors in Choosing a Service Provider

Most seniors concentrate on price when shopping for a provider and while that is important, there are other important factors to consider as well:

– The provider should be “senior friendly” – meaning that their customer service and support are accessible, effective, and patient. Also, their costs, billing and terms should be clear cut and transparent.

– The provider’s service should be of high quality and reliable. A good price does you no good if the TV reception is poor or the internet is slow.

– Make sure the bundle you buy includes at least most of your favorite TV channels and programming. This is especially true regarding any premium channels you frequently watch, like HBO or National Geographic.

– Usually, a major factor determining a bundle’s price is the speed of the internet service provided. So, the lower the price, the slower the internet speed and vice versa. You don’t want to pay for speed you don’t need, but you don’t want to end up with too slow internet either. For most households, download speeds of 100Mb and up combined with upload speeds of 10Mb and up will be sufficient.

Astound Broadband

This company, formerly called RCN, offer some of the best pricing on very nice bundle offerings. However, their service is only available in the following areas: Boston, Chicago, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and areas of New York. They require no contract obligation and have bundle options starting at $53 per month. Their TV channels include HGTV, Cartoon Network, TLC, Disney Channel, Hallmark Channel, ESPN, Big Ten Network, and the Golf Channel.

“Signature” Bundle: $101 per month for 294 TV channels plus 940Mb internet speed, with no usage limit.


This long established cable TV company recently overhauled its cable TV and internet bundles and now allow you to individually customize your bundle. This lets you pair your preferred internet speed with the cable TV package of your choice. For TV, you can choose between local channels, basic cable, and premium channels – which include HBO MAX, STARZ, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and EPIX. Their internet service is available at five levels ranging from 25Mb to 940 MB.

“Internet Essential 50 + Contour TV Preferred”
$115 per month for 140 TV channels plus 50Mb internet speed.


Spectrum offers a good selection of premium TV channels and are included at no extra charge with many of their bundle deals. Other big pluses for this company are that there is no contract obligation and their internet service is unlimited (not metered).

“Silver” bundle: $120 per month for 175 TV channels (including HBO and Showtime)
plus 200Mb internet speed with unlimited usage.

“Gold” bundle: $140 per month for 200 TV channels (including premium and the NFL Network)
plus 200Mb internet speed with unlimited usage.


People in smaller population areas for a long time had to do without high definition TV and high speed internet. Suddenlink has decided to bring these services to these locations and also offer bundled services deals like companies in big cities do. Plus, they provide generous TV channels (including CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, TNT, and USA Network) and high net speed, all with no contract obligation.

“Value TV + Internet 100”: $95 per month for 225 TV channels plus 100Mb internet speed

“Value TV + Internet 1 Gig”: $135 per month for 225 channels plus 1,000Mb internet speed


This provider has service available in most parts of the country. They offer a variety of bundle packages and their TV channel line-up includes fan favorites like A&E, CNN, Cartoon Network, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, and Telemundo.

“Standard Triple Play”: $90 per month for 130 TV channels plus 200Mb internet speed

“Super Double Play”: $140 per month for 245 TV channels plus 800Mb internet speed

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