Casting Calls

Have you long been dreaming of becoming an actor? Or perhaps a model or a member of a band? If so, then the first step towards achieving this goal is by checking out casting calls.

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In the world of entertainment, casting calls and auditions serve as the critical gateway for aspiring actors, models, singers, and performers to showcase their talent and land coveted roles in film, television, theater, and other media productions. These opportunities not only provide a platform for individuals to pursue their passion, but also play a pivotal role in shaping the diverse landscape of the entertainment industry. From lead roles in blockbuster films to supporting parts in independent productions, casting calls and auditions are the first step towards realizing the dreams of countless aspiring performers.

Below are five of the best sources for finding casting calls and auditions that you don’t want to miss.


Backstage is a renowned platform that has been a staple in the entertainment industry for decades. It provides a comprehensive database of casting calls and auditions across various mediums, including film, television, theater, and commercials.

With a user-friendly interface, performers can easily search for opportunities based on location, production type, and specific casting requirements. One of the standout features of Backstage is its extensive resources for actors, including articles, advice, and industry insights, making it a valuable all-in-one tool for aspiring performers.

– Wide range of opportunities across different entertainment mediums
– User-friendly interface for easy navigation
– Access to industry resources and advice for performers
– Trusted platform with a long-standing reputation in the industry

Things To Consider:
– Premium subscription required for full access to all casting calls and auditions
– Competition can be fierce due to the platform’s popularity

Casting Networks

Casting Networks
Casting Networks is a popular online platform that connects performers with casting professionals, offering a robust system for submitting auditions and managing profiles. With a vast network of casting directors and industry professionals, Casting Networks provides access to a wide array of casting calls for actors, models, and other performers. The platform’s portfolio feature allows performers to showcase their work and credentials effectively, enhancing their visibility to casting decision-makers.

– Extensive network of casting professionals and industry connections
– User-friendly portfolio feature for showcasing talent and credentials
– Streamlined audition submission process for greater efficiency
– Access to a diverse range of casting opportunities

Things To Consider:
– Membership fees required for full access to casting calls and auditions
– Limited availability of opportunities in certain locations

Actors Access

Actors Access, a subsidiary of Breakdown Services, is a widely used platform for actors seeking casting opportunities in film, television, theater, and commercials. The platform allows performers to create detailed profiles, upload multimedia content, and submit themselves for auditions directly to casting directors.

With its integration with Breakdown Services, Actors Access provides access to exclusive breakdowns and casting notices, giving performers a competitive edge in securing coveted roles.

~ Integration with Breakdown Services for access to exclusive casting notices
~ Comprehensive profile creation and multimedia upload capabilities
~ Direct submission of auditions to casting directors
~ Detailed breakdowns and casting information for informed submissions

Points To Consider:
~ Membership fees required for full access to casting opportunities
~ Limited availability of opportunities in certain regions


Mandy, formerly known as Casting Call Pro, is a global platform that caters to performers, production companies, and casting professionals. With a diverse range of casting calls and auditions spanning international markets, Mandy offers opportunities for actors, filmmakers, and crew members.
The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive search filters make it easy for performers to find relevant opportunities based on their specific preferences and expertise.

Global reach with opportunities in international markets
User-friendly interface and comprehensive search filters
Diverse range of casting calls for actors, filmmakers, and crew members
Access to opportunities beyond traditional acting roles, such as voiceover work and modeling

Things To Keep In Mind:
~ Competition from a large pool of international talent
~ Varied subscription options with differing levels of access

Social Media and Networking

In addition to dedicated casting platforms, social media has become an increasingly influential tool for discovering casting calls and auditions. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are utilized by casting directors and production companies to post casting notices, open calls, and audition opportunities. Engaging with industry professionals and following relevant accounts can provide performers with valuable insights into upcoming projects and casting calls.

~ Direct access to casting notices and audition announcements
~ Opportunities for networking and engaging with industry professionals
~ Potential for discovering exclusive casting calls and auditions through direct connections
~ Flexibility and accessibility for performers of all experience levels

Potential Cons:
~ Need for proactive networking and consistent engagement with industry accounts
~ Sorting through a high volume of posts and announcements for relevant opportunities

Practical Tips for Success

1. Build a Strong Portfolio: Create a compelling portfolio that showcases your range, talent, and experience. Include high-quality headshots, performance reels, and a well-crafted resume to present a professional and polished image.

2. Research and Preparation: Before attending an audition, research the production, familiarize yourself with the characters and storyline, and prepare diligently for the audition material. Understanding the context of the project and the character you’re auditioning for can set you apart from other candidates.

3. Network and Stay Informed: Engage with industry professionals, attend industry events, and stay updated on industry news and trends. Building a network of connections can lead to valuable opportunities and insights.

4. Be Persistent and Resilient: Rejection is a common part of the audition process, and perseverance is key to succeeding in the competitive world of entertainment. Keep honing your craft, learning from each experience, and staying resilient in the face of challenges.

5. Professionalism and Etiquette: Approach auditions with professionalism, respect, and a positive attitude. Punctuality, preparedness, and courteous behavior almost always leaves a lasting impression.

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