Criminal Justice Degrees Best for Seniors in 2022

It’s never too late to get more education and learn new things. Because of the huge presence of online education available, many seniors have decided to get a degree to broaden their mind or for career opportunities. One of the areas that seniors are interested in studying is Criminal Justice.

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It used to be that going back to college (or even starting) for seniors was not the most realistic option. Having to attend physical classes on a campus, plus the commuting, proved to be a daunting task for many seniors. Today, with online higher education being very prevalent, you can study and even earn a degree, right from the convenience and safety of your home. Another feature of online education is that you usually can “attend” class whenever you want – because most of the class lectures are recorded. This also means you can watch them repeatedly to help you understand the material.

Studying and getting a degree in Criminal Justice online is a definite option for seniors. There are numerous online degree programs offered and because the “school comes to you”, you can enroll in a program no matter where it is located. Below are listed the best of these online degree programs for seniors, with the listed schools all ranking very high in quality of the education, fair cost, and good reputation.


Arizona State University

ASU is one of the nation’s largest online colleges. Their Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice requires general education courses that you can transfer from any prior college education. Arizona residency is not required to enroll. A focus of this program is on causes and consequences of crime and the workings of criminal justice agencies and personnel. Elective courses cover criminal justice issues such as terrorism, sex crimes, and police accountability. Students collaborate with other students on projects and analysis of case studies.

Ashland University

This private school in Ohio was founded in 1878. AU offers a very large and well run online learning section, including a 120-credit Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice degree program. Their courses are very real world oriented, as most of the curriculum is designed and taught by criminal justice experts. Core courses include criminology, victimology, and policing. Students can pursue a generalist track or specialize in areas such as legal studies, correctional administration, and law enforcement administration. Course credit is possible for previous law enforcement work experience.

University of Central Missouri

UCM offers an online degree completion program, providing a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. Students have to transfer in general education credits from previous college work. Their innovative curriculum blends theoretical learning, practical experience, and the use of state-of-the-art technology – including use of the National Incident Management System and the ArcGIS software for crime mapping. The curriculum covers topics such as corrections, criminal law and procedure, juvenile justice, and policing in a democratic society. The school also works with many agencies to provide students internship opportunities.

East Central University

This Oklahoma school’s Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice program is geared to students with prior experience in the field who want to complete a college degree. Students can transfer up to 94 credits to finish the degree sooner. Core classes include criminal behavior, civil rights and civil liberties, public policymaking, and the legal aspects of the criminal justice process. Electives include juvenile justice, addictions and society, and human resources within law enforcement.

University of Louisville

UL’s criminal justice offering is a degree completion program and students must have completed the first two years of college to be accepted. A special feature is that the university’s on campus criminal justice organizations — Lambda Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Phi Sigma — stream meetings and other events so that online learners can network with on-campus peers. The main curriculum includes core topics such as criminal behavior, criminal procedure, juvenile justice, and criminal law and evidence, and quantitative research methods to analyze criminal justice data.

Lynn University

This private Florida university’s Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice program is designed for students new to the field as well as those with prior experience. The curriculum stresses both theoretical knowledge and practical application. Key areas covered include criminal law, policing in America, victimology, and law and courts. Students can transfer in credits from previous college course work.

University of North Alabama

UNA’s Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice degree is comprised of 45 credits of major course work. General education classes must be completed beforehand. Curriculum includes coursework on the U.S. government, current social problems, and criminal justice. Also covered are advanced topics such as criminology and research methods in criminal justice. Students can specialize their studies by taking a minor in crime scene investigation or in security and emergency management.

Washington State University

This online Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice is offered by WSU – which has one of the oldest programs in this field in the country. This academic and research oriented program focuses on policy, and the curriculum includes areas of psychology, sociology, and political science. Core course work includes criminal law, criminological theory, and administration of criminal justice. Washington residency is not required for admission.

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