Digital Marketing Jobs Best For Seniors

More and more seniors are working well after their “normal retirement age”. Some of them do this because they need the income, others because they want to stay productively busy, or for both of these reasons. Because of the ever aging population, an increasing percentage of the work force are seniors.

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Not too long ago, getting a decent job was not so easy for most seniors. Recently, this situation has changed for the better, with many types of jobs becoming available for seniors. Helping this trend has been the advent and growth of remote work positions – working from home. Going hand in hand with this has been the birth and rapidly increasing field of digital marketing. Both remote work and digital marketing depend on and revolve around the same things – the internet and computer technology.

Not surprisingly, many digital marketing jobs are performed remotely, from the worker’s home. Also, many seniors now days have become active and knowledgeable users of both the internet and digital devices. These dynamics have opened the door for seniors to take on digital marketing positions. Enhancing this opportunity is the fact that many of these jobs are available to seniors with little experience, as long as they have some basic skills and true interest in the field. There are many different kinds of digital marketing positions, listed below are the best ones for seniors.


Writer and Editor

If you take a good look at all the various digital media, you will see that the majority of its content is the written word. This includes web sites, social media pages and posts, email and blogs. While AI (artificial intelligence) is starting to do some of this work, it still is (and probably will remain for a long time), the domain of skilled human beings. Content writers and editors need to know and use some basic tech tools, but the main need and focus is on solid writing and editing skills. So, if writing and language skills are your thing, this is a good option for you.

Graphics Creation and Editing

Of course, almost all of the aforementioned digital media also contains various graphic elements, including photos, video and illustrations. All of these things need to be created and edited, again by skilled human beings. If you have a penchant or experience with graphic design or photography, then this can be a good choice for you, even with just some rudimentary graphic tech skills. This position usually requires you to have the use of a more modern and powerful computer and software.

Podcasting and Voice Work

This is an often overlooked but very important part of both traditional marketing and digital marketing. The audio component of many digital media has grown in significance. Perhaps one of the most famous examples is that of podcasts. In addition to the people who are in front of the microphone doing these podcasts are others who do various voice work, commonly known as voice overs. This type of work is used for narration, training, selling and other purposes on social media. If you have a good voice, are a good talker and extroverted, this area of work could be a good fit for you.

Customer Support and Service

This is a position that is somewhat like the traditional phone jobs of marketing. However, here you will communicate with a company’s clients and customers via the internet, using voice, text chat and video calls. This job can entail both inbound and outbound communication. Some of these positions require some solid tech background, but many other mostly rely on solid communication skills and problem solving ability. Most positions that are mostly dependent on tech are called tech support rather than customer support.

Reviewer and Analyst

Just like in traditional marketing, digital marketing also needs to measure and adjust their efforts to ensure the goals of the marketing are met. Someone has to review and check various content on all the different digital media, to make sure it is correct and effective. Others need to analyze results of the digital marketing efforts, to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and to come up with necessary adjustments or outright changes. If you are a good researcher and analytically inclined, this area can be a good choice for you.


Almost all businesses and organizations need a recruitment component. It takes actual people, many of them, to do the work described above (and many other positions) and it takes recruitment to get these people. Because of the large and rapid growth in high tech and digital marketing, there is a shortage of workers. It takes human recruiters to seek out, find and place qualified personnel. If you have a human resources or management background and a good sales personality, you could be a successful recruiter in the digital marketing industry.

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