Essential Oil for Concussion: Treatment for Pain Relief

Over the years, essential oils have been proven to be somewhat important especially in the treatment of mental issues. Many essential oils are found as recipes in food while others are found to be components of various skin products.

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Even to date, many people are skeptical about the potency of essential oils. However, research has shown that the use of some essential oils can be a proper method of relieving stress and pain even in cases of concussion.

What Is Concussion?

In recent years, concussion has seemed to be very prevalent ranging from mild to severe conditions. A concussion is a brain injury that has a temporary effect on normal brain function. This brain injury is usually a result of exerting an excess force on the skull. This force makes the brain move in the skull resulting in damage to some brain cells.

Most times, concussions may seem to be very subtle due to some mild symptoms but there is a need for treatment to prevent worrisome signs. Hence, the impact may turn out to result in mild or very severe conditions as the case may be. Concussions affect the blood vessels that are connected to the brain resulting in changes in the normal functioning of the brain.

Signs Of Concussion

– Headache

– Drowsiness

– Fatigue

– High sensitivity

– Memory loss

– Confusion

– Disorientation

– Seizure, etc.

It is reasonable to assume that safety cannot be assured in this vast world, thus, anyone can be a victim of a concussion.

A concussion can be a result of various events such as:

– Accident

– Heavy fall

– Stroke

– Sport injuries

– Boxing

– Exposure to some compounds

– Heavy collision with the head.

In the medieval days, the use of processed plants in the treatment of internal illnesses was very prominent. This has evolved into the use of essential oils as an alternative approach to the treatment of some internal illnesses such as concussions.

Most times, people that are victims of concussions usually experience throbbing pain in the head. Essential oils help to ease distress, headache, and pain. This is as a result of their anti-inflammatory property and calming effect.

When essential oils are used in treating concussions, they are usually inhaled through a diffuser as their scents stimulate and enhance the healing process of the brain. This process is known as aromatherapy, and it is prevalently used in calming the mind.

Essential oils that are useful for treating concussions are:

– Lavender oil

– Frankincense

– Peppermint oil

– Rosemary oil

– Sage oil

– Eucalyptus oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender oils have anti-inflammatory effects and have a powerful pain-relieving effect. Due to their strong scent, they help relieve throbbing pain in the head. They are essential for people that experience headaches resulting from concussions.

Due to their calming effect, they help relieve tension and help to improve the quality of sleep for people suffering from sleep disorders. Lavender oils have been proved to be a very good option for people suffering from mental injuries. When inhaled, they provide a soothing effect on the brain speeding up the healing process of headaches and migraines.


Frankincense is beneficial to the brain due to its anti-anxiety property. They have terpenoid characteristics that aid in the healing process of the brain. Hence, they are highly potent in the treatment of concussions.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oils are very powerful analgesics and can be used to ease pain from concussion. Peppermint oil is known to aid blood circulation to the brain. This will ensure that vital nutrients are being circulated to the brain, thus, intensifying the rate at which the brain will heal.

Peppermint oils are known for their refreshing and awakening smell. When they are inhaled, they increase the flow of blood to the brain thereby reducing the throbbing pain associated with brain injury. Therefore, this can be used to aid the recovery process thereby enhancing concentration and recovery of lost memories.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is also essential for the treatment of concussions. As a result of their analgesic properties, they can relieve pain. They also help boost cognitive prowess and reduce disorientation and confusion.

Rosemary oil helps to improve the cognitive prowess of the body thereby keeping the body alert and increasing the mind’s concentration. They are also beneficial as they help to reduce abdominal pains and fatigue by keeping the body alert and attentive. Thus, rosemary oil is known for fixing information processing difficulties and short-term memory issues.

Sage Oil

Sage oils are essential oils that can be used for treating concussions due to their calming effect. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect and can help enhance the body’s rhythm by boosting mood.

During brain injury, the blood pressure gets unregulated thereby increasing blood pressure and this will initiate anxiety. Sage oils help to calm the mind by lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oils are also essential in the treatment of pain resulting from concussion. They are known to act as a pain reliever and can help to keep the blood pressure under check when inhaled.

Furthermore, eucalyptus oils are also known for their ability to protect the brain from further damages. Due to their ability to regulate the flow of blood into the brain, they boost the generation of brain cells resulting in quick recovery from injuries, thus. increasing brain recovery.

Essential oils are known to be highly beneficial because they help improve the functions of the nervous system especially in people suffering from brain injury.

Concussions are not usually life-threatening and only affect the brain temporarily. They can be treated with medications that aim to stimulate brain function.

Essential oils are known to contain several bioactive compounds which make them highly effective. These compounds have anti-oxidative, analgesic, and calming effects which can affect physical, emotional, and mental health. This makes them a proper approach in the treatment of concussions.


Although there are claims about inconsistent effects of essential oils for certain mental condition, their ability to affect brain function cannot be ignored. Hence, it will be helpful to incorporate it into your pain management list.

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