Expense Tracking Apps Best for Seniors

Almost everyone needs to keep track of their money, including seniors. As a matter of fact, for seniors who are living on a limited fix income, such as social security benefit payments, keeping track of expenses is very important. This will enable these seniors to be aware of what they spend and hopefully reduce their expenses.

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A long honored way to keep control of your expenses is to make and follow a household budget. However, it is very difficult to make and follow such a budget without accurate and timely financial information. With all the various bills, receipts, accounts and so on, it was a very demanding and time consuming task. Now, thanks to internet and computer technology, seniors can have all their financial information in one place – by using one of these expense tracking, personal budget apps.

This is a very helpful and practical way for seniors to control their finances, as most seniors today have and actively use computers and smart phones. There are a great number of these expense tracking and budgeting apps to choose from. Listed below are the expense tracking apps that are best for seniors.


Age Well Planner

This special app is geared for seniors and was created by The National Council on Aging (NCOA). Age Well Planner provides the necessary budget calculations to properly and accurately plan for retirement spending and the very important feature of finding ways to cut spending. This app is also special compared to other financial tools, as it addresses health and wellness concerns that are such an essential part of seniors lives. It also provides resources related to healthy eating, home safety, assistance programs, and more.


For people who like graphic information and privacy, BudgetPulse could be a good choice for them. This budgeting app allows users to visualize their income and expenses through easy to understand graphs and charts. These visuals convey monthly spending and savings amounts to improve financial management. Unlike some other apps, BudgetPulse does not link bank account information, so users face no risk of identity theft.


This is an easy to use app that focuses on the major goal of cutting expenses, by keeping accurate track of all spending and offer ways to cut unnecessary expenses. After users input their financial information, the BudgetSimple app will create a personalized budget planner. This planner will identify their good and bad spending habits, thus helping them achieve and keep their budget goals. A nice extra feature is that the BudgetSimple website includes a finance educational blog, which reviews important concepts, questions, and concerns.


This is a highly rated and very informative personal budget tool from the Intuit company, a very famous and large financial software firm. The Mint app allows users to have all their credit cards, investments, bank accounts, and bills information in one place, enabling the app to thoroughly track spending and to help create budgets. Once a budget is set, this app can be set to alert the user if spending limits are exceeded. Mint also has a bill reminder and payment feature and the app makes available visual financial information by using charts and graphs.


This app has a feature that shows the user how much money is available on a daily basis within a set budget. Pocketguard automatically categorizes expenses, but users can also create custom categories with set spending limits. It also can connect all of the user’s bank account information into one place.


The Prism app focuses on keeping track of and paying a user’s bills. It is somewhat similar to Mint, as users can schedule payments and pay their bills directly from the Prism app itself. It also can show a list of all upcoming bills and has the ability to set reminders to the in-app calendar. Plus, it displays account balances, monthly expenses, and payment history.

Personal Capital

As this app’s name implies, this financial tool is geared for seniors who have significant financial investments. It tracks their earnings and losses on all of their various investment accounts, uncovers hidden fees, and plans for retirement based on their investment information. The Personal Capital app allows users to see and analyze their investment performances, minimize risks, and maximize earnings to meet their financial goals.

Banking Apps

Almost all banks have multi-featured online banking sites. While the main purpose of these sites is to keep track of transactions and balances of the bank account, many banks also incorporate personal budget tools into them. Some of them are even customizable for the individual user.

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