Help Prevent Diabetes By Avoiding These Foods

Type 2 diabetes, also sometimes called onset diabetes, has become a major health problem in the U.S. and around the world. This type of diabetes is different than type 1 (juvenile) diabetes, because it usually can be prevented through proper lifestyle and food choices.

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Both kinds of diabetes are the same in what they do to you – making your blood sugar level too high. But Type 2 diabetes is usually caused by eating the wrong way and non-healthy lifestyle. The most important factor though is diet. Bad lifestyle choices, such as lack of exercise, smoking, drinking, etc., all can contribute to becoming diabetic – but the food you eat is the biggest culprit.

Sometimes diabetes is called the sugar disease, which causes a major misconception. Just avoiding sugar alone is not enough to prevent or treat diabetes. There are many kinds of foods which contribute to a diabetic condition. You should also be aware that by proper eating, you can actually prevent becoming diabetic, and even sometimes reverse your diabetic condition. Below are discussed the types of foods and drinks to avoid to help prevent – or even reverse – type 2 diabetes.


Sugars and Sugary Foods

In addition to sugar itself, foods and drinks that have a high sugar content should be avoided. So, besides stopping from putting table sugar on your food, you must also carefully check the ingredients of packaged foods before consuming them. The culprit here is not just “sugar” as an ingredient, but also things like corn syrup, fructose, beets, and sugar alcohols. There are unfortunately many foods besides candies and sweet treats that can cause and exacerbate diabetes.

Bread, Rolls, Crackers and Baked Goods

As mentioned before, diabetes is more than a sugar disease. Foods and drinks that turn into sugar in your body are just as bad as sugar itself. The big culprit here are carbohydrates (carbs). Foods that are high in carbs become glucose (sugar) in your blood after they are eaten. All products made from grains, such as wheat or rye – including breads, rolls and crackers – are high in carbs. Worse yet, many of these foods have yeast and other ingredients which can be bad for diabetes. An alternative to these products are baked goods made from almond flour and/or seeds.

Pasta, Rice, Potatoes and Beans

These four types of foods are eaten in very large quantities as main dishes and side dishes, but all are very high in carbs. While it is true that whole grain (brown) pasta and rice are healthier than the white varieties, they are still way too high in carbs and should be avoided. Sweet potatoes are a little less harmful, but should still be eaten in small quantities. Alternatives to these foods are substitutes made from cauliflower and zucchini.


Fruits might be good for your health in many ways, but are bad for diabetes. This is because fruits contain a kind of sugar called fructose, which is just as bad as ingesting sucrose (sugar). In particular, pineapple, pears, peaches and other very sweet fruits are to be totally avoided. Also to be totally avoided are all dried fruits, such as raisins and prunes. Dried fruits become more sugary than their original form. Fruits that can be consumed safely, in moderation, are apples and strawberries.


Most of these are problematic because of their grain content and large amounts of sweeteners. Even more “healthy” hot cereals like oatmeal and cream of wheat should be avoided. A good alternative is a home-made cereal made from nuts, seeds, unsweetened coconut and cinnamon.

Snack Foods

Foods like chips, pretzels, bagel pieces, corn and the like are all no-no’s because of the high carb content and other not so healthy ingredients. As a matter of fact, a good way to avoid diabetes is not to snack at all. You should eat three healthy regular meals per day and that’s all. A good rule to follow is that when dinner is done – the kitchen is closed. If you must snack, the healthy alternative is nuts and seeds – especially almonds.


Obviously, sugared drinks like your favorite cola should be totally avoided. However, even fruit juices – including the hugely popular orange juice, also have to be avoided. Fruit juices cause your blood sugar to spike high and fast, which is totally detrimental in fighting diabetes. A good alternative is to make a strong, flavorful herbal tea brew – and then mix it with seltzer (soda water) or even just plain water.

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