High Paying Part Time Jobs Best for Seniors

Becoming a senior does not automatically mean becoming retired and unemployed. In recent times, a large number of seniors have chosen to remain in the work force. However, many of them don’t want to hold full time positions. Thus, they look for part time jobs that they can earn income from.

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A problem for these seniors is that part time jobs often don’t pay very well. This is especially true for the “traditional” senior jobs, such as retail workers, security guards, bus drivers, baby sitting and so on. With the breakout of the COVID epidemic, many job opportunities became remote (work from home) based, including part time and flexible schedule positions. This created a large opportunity for seniors seeking part time / flexible work, because the companies hiring for these positions often value seniors as employees, rather than discriminate against older workers.

Why is this true? Working from home in a remote position takes discipline and a high work ethic, qualities which seniors are perceived to have more of than compared to younger workers. Also, seniors tend to be happier to work out of their house on a continuous basis than younger people and there are no kids at home to take care of. All of this has created a good number of job opportunities for seniors that are not the “traditional” ones, but positions that provide higher pay. In addition to the higher pay, these jobs provide the convenience and security of working from your home. Some of the best kinds of these jobs are listed below.


Accounting – Bookkeeping – Tax Return Preparation

Thanks to the internet and modern software, these types of jobs that used to be physical on-site positions are now available as remote job opportunities.

– Accounting: There are many small to medium size businesses that operate remotely (with no physical central office) and therefore their staff members also need to work remotely. These businesses need someone to handle their accounting, often on a part time basis. If you have accounting education and experience, you should find many job opportunities – plus because of the nature of remote work, these employing companies can be located anywhere, not just in your area. Hourly pay for these jobs should be $25 and higher.

– Bookkeeping: Some businesses may have an existing relationship with an accounting firm, but don’t want to pay their price for everyday bookkeeping tasks. So, they hire separate bookkeepers, again often remotely and part time. The accounting firms also often “farm out” their work to outside bookkeepers. Hourly pay should be $18 and higher.

– Tax Return Preparation: There are numerous companies that specialize in income tax form filings. During tax season they need to bring on a large number of personnel to get the work done. If you have some prior experience or education in this field, you should be able to secure one of these jobs. This job is typically temporary, where you work full time plus for about five months during tax season. Pay for such work has been reported to average $36,000.

Teaching and Tutoring

Teaching has also gone online in many cases due to the COVID situation. Many school districts, private schools, colleges and universities hire teachers to conduct remote classes. Many K – 12 schools will require a teaching certificate, but often need teaching assistants who don’t need such a certificate. Colleges and universities usually require a degree in the necessary subject area and some teaching or tutoring experience. Teaching at the high school level should pay at least $25 per hour. These jobs are mostly part time because you only teach one to three courses at a time.

If you don’t have a formal teaching background but have solid knowledge and experience in a certain subject, there are many online tutoring job possibilities. You usually also need to pass a knowledge test and a demo tutoring session. Subjects particularly in demand are science, math, and technical related courses. Pay for these positions vary but is higher for college courses.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Businesses have for a long time have hired administrative assistants to take charge of all administrative tasks – including typing, filing, scheduling, buying supplies and related tasks. Now businesses are hiring such personnel on a remote basis and often part time. This kind of position usually requires some applicable prior experience and demonstrated skills in computers and communications. Average hourly pay is reported at $32.


Content is king on the internet, and most website need to keep publishing content on a constant basis. In addition to writers, editors are needed to accomplish this. If you have a strong background in writing or journalism, you might qualify for this type of work. In addition, passing a skills test is also necessary. You will need strong reading and typing skills and some experience or knowledge in online publishing. The average full time salary is reported at over $50,000 per year.

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