Homeland Security Degrees Best for Seniors 2024

In the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001, the United States government started the Department of Homeland Security. This created new academic studies and career areas labeled as “homeland security”. While the initial focus of this new area was on counter terrorism and law enforcement, it has grown significantly since then.

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Today, the blanket term of homeland security covers many different areas and issues, both in the public and private sector – including the following:

-Counterterrorism: Strategies and tactics for preventing terrorist attacks, investigating possible terrorists, and responding to terrorist attacks.

– Cybersecurity: Technological knowledge and skills needed to safeguard electronically stored data, both in the public and private sectors, from hackers and terrorists.

– Public Health: Strategies and tactics to protect various communities from health hazards, such as epidemics, contagious diseases, and environmental pollutants.

– Public Safety: Protecting the public from the threat of fires, crimes, natural disasters, and other emergencies.

– Emergency and Disaster Management: Management strategies and tactics for fire departments, police departments, and other public safety and service agencies, including coordinating the work of first responders and keeping these agencies running efficiently and effectively in all situations.

As can be seen from above, the career possibilities and dynamics are very large in this field. Also, the need for educated personnel is great and growing. Getting a degree in Homeland Security is often the ticket to get into this field. Seniors can also take advantage of this opportunity by getting this degree through an online degree program. There are many of these programs available, but only some are rated as being worthwhile. Listed below are the best online degree programs for seniors in Homeland Security.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Online Division

ERAU’s Bachelor of Science degree in Homeland Security is a 123 credit program designed for individuals interested in starting or advancing their careers in the homeland security field. Their curriculum combines general education and security-related courses with elective courses for three specialized track options – in cybersecurity, emergency management, and terrorism studies. The program features coursework that is completed entirely online with no campus visits required.

Arizona State University – Skysong

ASU offers a Bachelor of Science in Public Service & Public Policy, with a concentration in Emergency Management & Homeland Security. This university has one of the largest online operations in the country. The curriculum is a combination of general education and major-specific courses. This 120-credit hour degree program is designed to be completed in ten terms, but an accelerated study option is available. All degree work for this bachelor’s degree is 100% online.

Park University

Park offers a Bachelor of Public Administration degree, with Homeland Security Concentration. Their program is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment with various agencies and organizations, as well as for continued graduate-level studies. This degree requires 120 credit hours of coursework, including 45 credit hours of public administration and homeland security courses. The program is presented fully online.

Saint Leo University

SLU offers a special combination degree program – a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security. Their degree program is 120 total credits, 24 credit hours of core criminal justice courses and 18 homeland security specialization courses, along with general education coursework. All of the coursework can be done 100% online.

National University

NU’s Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management which can lead to leadership positions in a range of homeland security settings, including threat assessment and crisis planning and response. NU has ongoing open enrollment, meaning students can apply at any time. Better yet, their class sessions start every month. This program consists of 100% online coursework with no on-campus or other in-person requirements.

Things to Consider

When choosing a specific degree program, you should ask about the following:

– Does the school have a dedicated financial aid office, to help you finance the tuition costs? Remember, financial aid programs are not just for the
young – there is no age discrimination.

– Are the class lectures recorded, so you can view (or review) them as you need to?

– Are all books and other study materials online – or do you have to buy physical books?

– How do you communicate with the instructor and how fast will s/he respond?

– How can you interact with the other students?

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