How Cloud Storage Helps People Keep Important Data

The importance of backing up your files in a safe place cannot be underemphasized in this modern technological world. With the possibility of your images, videos, and work files disappearing overnight, cloud storage has been a savior to many.

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If you pick any random five people off the street, we’re sure one or two will have a story to tell on how cloud storage saved their asses from losing some important documents or memories.

However, have you ever wondered how many of these cloud storage services manage to keep your data accessible to you at all times? Or do you believe your data is stored in the ‘cloud’? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but your data is definitely not in the cloud. Want us to let you in on the secret? Well, keep on reading!

Best Cloud Storage Solutions For Seniors In Ohio

How Cloud Storage Functions

To start with, there are loads of cloud storage services, with many specializing in different types of storage services. You’re probably familiar with quite a few of them. For example, Google Docs helps you store your documents and even edit them. All that is needed is your Google account logged in on the device, and you can easily access your documents stored on the Google servers. Some other popular examples include Gmail (stores mails), Flickr (stores pictures), and iDrive (multipurpose).

These cloud storage services have servers placed in data storage locations all over the world. These servers are the devices that make it possible for any cloud storage user to store his data and get it back with just a few clicks.

A cloud storage user transfers copies of files to the data server over the Internet, which subsequently stores the data. When the user needs information, he or she uses a Web-based portal to connect to the data server. After that, the server either transfers the files back to the client or allows the client access and change the files on the server.

Cloud storage services usually have hundred of these data servers at their disposal. Also, every single one must be constantly supplied with an internet connection and electricity. These two conditions are vital for any client to get his files at any time and at any location. Also, these servers store the same information over different server locations (known as redundancy). This is another condition that helps it easier for users to access their files easily. Hence, if one server goes offline or is under maintenance, users can still get their data off other servers.

Examples of Cloud Storage Services

Finding a good cloud storage service is just as important as using one. This section will expatiate some top-rated cloud storage services around the world.

Google Drive

Price: Free, E1.55/month, E2.99/month.
Storage Size: 15GB, 100GB, and 2TB.
Devices Supported: Android, Windows, and iOS.

Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the best cloud backup services available for all types of users, either for personal use or business reason. They are renowned for their compatibility with all kinds of operating systems, both on PC and mobile. We found their free plan one of the most generous too.

Google Drive offers its users three storage plans: 15GB, 100GB, and 2TB. The 15GB is the free plan which you can use for as long as you like. They also provide you with direct links to other Google apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Overall, Google Drive is a perfect option for anyone looking for one of the best online backup services to use as a personal cloud backup plan. Their storage plans give ample space to back up all your documents, files, and videos.


Price: $6/month, $60/year
Storage Size: Unlimited
Devices Supported: Windows, macOS

If you have only one computer that needs an online backup option, Backblaze is the best online cloud backup service you could opt for. Offering unlimited storage for just one computer, it is a great option for anyone who wants to back up data from one computer.

There’s an option to trial Backblaze’s online backup services for 15 days before you pay the $6 monthly fee for it. They also offer two-factor authentication security details that safeguard your files. Although there’s a mobile app, it can only be used to find, view, and share your backed-up computer files. One of the best features of the online cloud backup service is the Locate My Computer feature, which helps find your computer if it gets lost using its last Wi-Fi connection.


Price: Free, $2/month, $6.99/month.
Storage Size: 5GB, 100GB, and 1TB.
Devices Supported: Android, Windows, and iOS.

OneDrive is a cloud backup storage predominantly for Windows, being the official cloud backup service on the OS. Nevertheless, it is available on other OS. You can download and backup on iOS and Android. It is also available on the web. It is more of a personal cloud backup service.

OneDrive allows you to share files and folders already backed up to other people. Share the files using the “Share” button in the options menu. You can then copy and share the link. Another feature it has is the Version History which allows you to restore files within a timeline of 30 days after the modification.

Therefore, when you lose a file, you can easily restore its previous version. You can also authorize OneDrive to automatically backup your newly added files. You can access the files on any platform supported.

Limitations of Cloud Storage

While cloud storage is undoubtedly a great way to keep your data safe, there might be a few limitations to using this service. These include:

Connection issue
If you’re a user of cloud storage service already, you can testify to experiencing some annoying network issues while trying to store files or access stirred files. This is one of the most annoying problems you can experience even with the best online backup services. It makes the upload/download speeds so slow. This wastes a lot of time backing up your files. It would be fair to mention that this problem is mostly caused by your internet connection speed.

Only suitable for small volume
Although some online backup services offer unlimited backup storage, most of them limit the backup storage you can get. Hence, you might not be able to store all your desired data files on them. However, you should also know that the amount of storage you get is mainly dependent on the fee you pay.

While these are a few inconveniences you can experience with cloud storage, the use of cloud storage has helped a lot of people keep their important files and memories. Therefore, if you need any data storage option, cloud storage is a viable option for anyone to use.

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