How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost?

It’s undeniable – few things on this planet could equate to the kind of magical relaxation that a hot tub can provide. Just imagine coming home and turning on those soothing water jets after a long, hard day, along with gentle music and a nice glass of chardonnay.

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However, it’s worth noting that hot tubs, also known as Jacuzzi tubs, are typically on the pricey side, and before you go shopping in store or online for a hot tub, there are a number of additional factors you need to consider so you can choose the hot tub that best suits you and your home.

For example, some hot tub models are larger or smaller than others, some are designed for indoor or outdoor use, some are light and portable, while others have fun features that sweeten the deal. The overall price of the hot tub you choose will depend on those factors, along with the brand name, the store you purchase it from and its location. There may also be an installation fee as well, but all in all, it’s well worth the investment. After all, it’s hard to beat owning your very own personal spa, a heavenly place to unwind right in the familiar comforts of your home.

Let’s step right into it. The following hot tubs are steaming hot options that won’t dig into your wallet too deeply.


Lifesmart: LS100 Bermuda

Many hot tub enthusiasts would agree that Lifesmart makes some of the best hot tubs and spas around, so it’s no surprise that their Bermuda model was chosen to be first on this list. This four-person, 110V hot tub is square shaped and can hold up to 200 gallons. It’s constructed of molded polyethylene, a super – durable and weather-resistant thermoplastic.

The plug-in-play design is easy to use, and it employs a thermal-friction heating system that quickly and efficiently warms up the water to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Its snazzy features include comfy bucket seats, a waterfall, a color-changing underwater lighting system, and 13 jets that are strategically placed around each seat. Additionally, this model also comes with its own pump, filtration system, and cover. While you will need to buy stairs separately or make your own, customers still insist that it’s well worth every penny.

Home Depot’s Price: $2,749

SaluSpa: Hawaii

Are you on the road a lot? Then you should definitely consider a portable, light-weight hot tub model that’s super affordable and easy to inflate. The SaluSpa Hawaii would make an excellent candidate. It inflates and deflates with the included pump, and can be stored easily, thanks to its compact size. The easy to use design weighs less than 100 pounds when empty, and lift handles allow you to move it around and be placed in the desired area. Plus, no special tools are required for setup, so you’ll be able to enjoy your bubbly jacuzzi within minutes.

Not only is this product simple, it retains full standard features and then some. For example, you can preset the temperature up to 72 hours in advance. And with the convenient digital control panel, you can change the water temp and jet flow without having to get out of the tub. The Hawaii is square shaped, can hold up to 222 gallons , and comfortably seats up to six people. It offers a luxurious spa-level massage experience with 114 air jets, which is pretty impressive. It also includes a chlorine dispenser, digital control panel, pump, filter cartridges, repair kit, and cover.

Please note that, according to the manufacturer, this product should never be used in temperatures below 39 degrees Fahrenheit. But that’s no big deal, as you can just bring it inside if you have enough space.

Amazon’s Price: $484

Ohana Spas: Balance

Measuring at nearly 7 feet in diameter, the circular design of the Balance Hot Tub from Ohana Spas is actually bigger than it looks. It fits up to seven adults in its comfortably contoured seats.

This plug-and-play hot tub can carry up to 270 gallons, features 25 massaging jets and a cool underwater ambiance-enhancing light. The user-friendly control panel makes it easy to turn on the jets, adjust the LEDs, and change the water temperature. You get your pick of three programmable modes to control energy use, along with the option to plug-and-play using a standard 110-volt electrical outlet, or a 240-volt circuit. This UL-listed and CSA-certified hot tub also comes with an efficient filter and an insulated locking cover.

Wayfair’s Price: $4,400

Canadian Spa Company: Okanagan

If you’re willing to spend more and want to treat yourself to a high-end hot tub, the Okanagan would make a stellar choice. This circular design comfortably seats up to four adults, while 10 stainless steel rotating hydrotherapy jets offer a supremely relaxing, spa-like massage that you won’t be able to get enough of. You can adjust the jets in many different configurations and directions to get the type of massage you desire.

With a 63-inch diameter, this round hot tub won’t take up a huge amount of space on your deck or patio. Plus, the 29 inch depth is deeper than many of its competitors, allowing all but the very tallest of people to fully submerge your shoulders.

The Okanagan can provide you with up to 274 gallons of water, uses a top notch ozone generator and Microban filtration to keep your water crystal-clear and free of bacteria with minimal chemicals. It also includes a hard-top cover and a color-changing LED light, allowing you to customize the ambiance. Better yet, thanks to the plug-and-play design, you don’t have to hire a professional to install it.

Home Depot’s Price: $5,765

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