Foundation Repair: The Cost And Why It’s So Important

A home’s foundation happens to be one of the most important, if not the most important part of a home. This is because the foundation is the one giving support to everything above, and it is also as a result of the foundation that everything above it maintains stability. This is why foundation repair is essential.

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Foundations altercate and devalue as time passes by, causing problems like cracks in the wall, stiffening of doors, settling and humidity problems. If issues with the foundation go on for an extended period, there will be a need to replace or repair the foundation.
Foundation Repair

How Much Will You Pay for Foundation Repair?

That is why you must make sure the issue is corrected as soon as one notices a problem or an issue with the foundation. This is because the longer the issue with the foundation is, the longer the foundation deteriorates, and the more the cost of repairing the foundation would be.

Problems associated with foundations come in many forms, and types of foundations differ as well, mainly we have two types of foundations: shallow and deep foundations. As a result of this, there is a very wide range of costs for repairing of foundation. With a national average of $4,000 to $12,000, one should be able to repair the foundation of their home.

Some people pay more to repair their foundations because of mud-jacking to lift and strengthen a settling and cracking foundation. Some people try to cut costs, so they pay as low as $1,000 to get the cracking foundation patched up instead of repairing it, which is not advisable. This is because when most cracks are not thoroughly repaired, it can lead to the collapse of the building.

Foundations do have different issues they are faced with, and most times, the repair methods differ for the same problem from foundation to foundation as the case may be, depending on the cause and the type of foundation the home is built upon.
For this very reason, each problem or issue has a range of costs required for repairing it; to fill cracks and strengthen walls, it usually costs $1,000 to get the cracks patched up and $2,000-$4,000 to get the cracks repaired.

If the foundation is faced with erosion problems, it usually costs $1,500-$10,000 to install new gutters or install a French drain. If the foundation is faced with leakages as a problem, it usually costs $2,000-$10,000 to fill cracks and seal the foundation. If the foundation is sinking, it costs an average of $1,000-$15,000 for mud-jacking as a preferable solution to the problem.

If the foundation happens to be shifting from its actual position, it costs an average of $1,000-$15,000 to stiffen and strengthen the walls and a solution to the foundation problem.
Suppose the foundation happens to be crumbling. In that case, it is estimated to cost an average amount of $2,000-$15,000 to seal up the foundation, install gutters, fill cracks, strengthen the walls, and install piers. This should serve as a permanent solution to the damages.

The cost of repair of foundations differs due to the severity of the problem the foundation is faced with, and below are examples of problems the foundation faces.

Foundation Repair - Crack - Cost

Some foundation cracks are minor and equally simple to fix, while others indicate a bigger problem. What one does to repair the problem and how much it will cost largely depends on what directions the cracks are running.
If the cracks happen to be vertical, even though most times vertical cracks are harmless, but you do not want to leave them alone because they are liable to spread and, in that case, cause more problems to the foundation.

Moreover, they cost the least to fix. To fix vertical cracks, they are filled with polyurethane or epoxy-based filler, and if necessary, they are sometimes sealed. The starting cost to fix a vertical crack is $1,000 but if it appears to be that there is a lot of cracks, expect prices as high as $2,000 or more.

On the other hand, we also have the horizontal foundation crack. Horizontal foundation cracks happen to be the indication of a bigger problem. They may need you to strengthen the walls, and as a result of this, it costs an average of $4,000, dependent on how many walls are affected and to which extent those walls are affected.

Foundation Repair - Erosion - Cost

If the foundation is faced with issues concerning the wear away of soil around it or if the foundation has compressed earth. To fix it, it means creating new gutters and new drainpipes to lead the water away from your home. If the issue appears to be very bad, a French drain will be necessary. And this has a usual cost of $1,000-$10,000, depending on what you need to be done.

Foundation Repair - Leak - Cost

If the foundation is faced with leaking problems, it is usually the best idea to find the source of the problem and see to it if possible. In most cases, you need to seal your foundation, which costs $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the severity of the problem.

Foundation Repair - Sinking - Cost

If a foundation happens to be sinking, it is usually repaired in one or two ways, depending on the soil and the type of foundation. It can be mud-jacked, where concrete is poured underneath your foundation to lift it back up or have piers fixed to support it. This exact method is determined by how badly the home is sinking and what happens to be causing it. This ranges from $1,000 for a small segment of mudjacking to $15,000 for multiple piers.


The importance of a foundation cannot be underemphasized. If you notice any of these faults in your house, you must get them fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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