How To Buy An iPhone for Less

One of the biggest consumer technological developments of the last 20 years is the advent of the smart phone. These very portable devices that smartly combined a phone with essentially a mobile computer are the rage in almost the whole world. Leading the pack in this development is Apple corporation, with their very famous line of iPhones.

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While iPhones are not the only type of smart phone available, this brand is certainly the most iconic and sought after. Whether the iPhone is the ‘best’ smart phone available is a subject of debate and taste, however only the iPhone gets thousands of people standing in line to get their hands on the newest model. Due to this extremely strong brand recognition and loyalty, plus the perception of being a superior product, iPhones are expensive. So, while this will deter some people from buying an iPhone and get a competitive product instead, there are many others who still want an iPhone and are looking for ways to do so that are more affordable. There are no legitimate ways to get a new iPhone for cheap (that can be possible for older, used models), but discussed below are certain ways that you can buy an iPhone for less.

Trade Ins

Apple, other smart phone retailers and cell phone carriers will usually accept a recent model smart phone as a trade in when you buy the latest model iPhone from them. Whether you have a recent iPhone model, a late-model Samsung, or a relatively recent Google Pixel, you can trade it in for a discount on your newest model iPhone purchase. The phone needs to be in good condition to get the full trade-in value. A recent model iPhone in good condition will earn up to $720, while one with a cracked screen tops out at $280. Remember, the older the phone is, the less you’ll get for it. You may also be able to even get more for your old phone by selling it privately.

Choose Lower Internal Memory Storage

With all the fantastic media capabilities of new iPhones, it is common that consumers want a ton of built in memory storage to take advantage of these capabilities. Sure enough, Apple started to make iPhones with a whopping 1 TB of internal storage – which can store a lot of even recorded or downloaded video. But, by opting for an iPhone with a more modest 128 GB of storage, you can save up to $500 on the price. So, if you know you won’t be loading up your phone with media, choosing the smaller storage option can save you quite a bit of cash.


Apple has for many years introduced the newest model iPhone every September or October. Once the new model is released, the older models (even the most recent) will automatically drop in price. These next to the newest models will really drop in price if they are unsold and another new model release is soon coming – say in the summer. If you don’t need to have the very newest model, but still want a new iPhone, this is a good way to save money.

Even for the newest model, and certainly older models, there will be very good deals during “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” sales. So, if you can wait till that time, it usually will pay off.

Carrier Deals

All the major cell phone service provider companies also sell smart phones. One way that some of these companies get customers to sign a service contract with them is to offer special purchase deals on smart phones, usually including iPhones. Sometimes you can even get a newer model iPhone for free by signing a long-term service contract. Also, they will often let you buy the phone on monthly payments added to your bill (so you don’t need to tie up your credit line on your credit card). Of course, this kind of deal is only beneficial if you know you will be happy with that service provider. Because if you cancel the contract, you might have to pay the company a substantial penalty.

Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus

While this is not a direct way to get an iPhone for less money, it certainly will end up saving you money. The credit card business is a very competitive industry and are always looking for ways to get new card holders. One way they do this is by giving new card holders a sign-up cash bonus. This usually works by using the card within a certain amount of time and for a certain amount of purchases. For example, getting a $200 cash back bonus for buying $1,000 with the card within the first 90 days after getting the card. Therefore, if you use that card to buy the newest model of the iPhone, you will essentially “save” $200. Better yet, often these cards will let you make payments for a year with no interest. If you have a decent credit record and score, this is a smart way to get that new iPhone for less.

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