How To Find Local Pet Caretaking Jobs

If you’re a forever and passionate pet lover, then you’re part of a huge national and global community. Whether you’re a pet parent yourself or not, you may have been longing to have a fulfilling pet-care job that you would truly enjoy. Well, now you can.

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Whether you’re looking for jobs that involve dog walking, house-sitting, daycare, veterinary care and many other areas, you can find a plethora of local job openings and opportunities online via pet care agencies and providers. You can choose from a wide range of job types, such as ongoing, occasional, temporary, or specialty jobs that require certain knowledge and professional expertise, such as veterinary care, training, grooming, etc. Each agency offers their own set of perks and employee benefits. Some have physical locations, others do not.

Pet parents often get so busy and tied up with their jobs, kids, grandkids, vacations and so on, there is never a lack of demand for an animal lover who is nurturing, responsible and trustworthy to help take care of their furbaby when they need it. So, if you feel that you’re the pawfect person for the job, what are you waiting for? Listed below are some of the leading agencies that offer pet care job opportunities near you.



Rover is one of the most popular and best known pet care service providers in the US, and it’s easy to see why. They offer a wide range of jobs, such as boarding (where the pet stays at your home for a specific length of time), dog walking, doggy day care, house sitting and drop ins, (where you simply come to check up on the dog or cat a number of times per day.)

One of the greatest features of Rover is that, once you’ve passed their background checks, they give pet caregivers total control and flexibility of their availability, location, price rates and what they are comfortable with offering. For instance, on your profile page, you can make it clear that you only take care of smaller dogs, younger or older dogs, or dogs without any dangerous behavior problems or serious diseases. Or you can list no preferences. The choice is yours.

Rover’s job perks include: A very helpful online support team available 24/7, ongoing petcare education, fast, secure and convenient online payments that are available just 2 days after job completion, and “The Rover Guarantee”- which reimburses you with up to $25,000 in vet fees if the pet becomes suddenly or unexpectedly ill while he/she is in your care.


Wag! is one of Rover’s many rising competitors that specializes in dog care. They have expanded to over 4,600 cities, with over 350,000 checked and certified pet sitters and dog walkers under its tail. They donate a portion of the proceeds from every walk or house-sit you do to local dog shelters to help feed them. Plus, after you’ve passed the required background and criminal checks, they’ll send you a super cute T-shirt with their name and logo on it, so everyone can see you’re a dog’s best friend. It’s no wonder it has achieved massive success and popularity nationwide.

Wag! job perks include: Flexible schedule and availability that you control, last minute bookings option that you get tipped for, fast and easy platform to receive your payments instantly, real-time GPS tracking, automated report cards, live chat with your clients, 24/7 online support team, and up to a million dollars in property damage protection.


Besides for dogs and cats, if you’re also interested in taking care of less common pets, such as bunnies, horses or birds, Fetch is the best place to apply.

One of the superb things about Fetch! is that if you have the time and energy in your daily schedule that would be required, Fetch can actually help make pet-care your primary job, with due diligence and patience. Better yet, If you have the time, energy, love and devotion that it takes to grow your own business and clientele, Fetch can help you make that a reality as well. With Fetch, you will be enjoying your days walking, feeding, playing, cuddling, house sitting and caring for pets per your own set schedule.

Fetch job perks include: Ongoing support- they will book your appointments, provide you with excellent insurance and years of growing experience, competitive income- You’ll start out small, but gradually gain in salary and clientele over time, and you’ll get to meet the owner, so you can feel confident and safe before committing to a gig.

Pet Paradise

Is your heart set on a prestigious pet-care job that pays well and doesn’t involve your home or the owner’s? Do you have lots of experience and certain expertise? If so, then Pet Paradise is the place for you. From playing and feeding, to professional grooming and vet care, you’ll have so much fun working at Pet Paradise, that it will hardly feel like a job.

If your application gets accepted, you will take care of pets in an upscale, pleasant, clean and organized environment. Pet Paradise currently has 50 locations across Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia, and is gradually working on expanding to other states. Pet Paradise salaries and job perks vary, depending on which job/career path you choose.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the ones aforementioned, there are many other pet-care services, agencies and companies across the country. However, you may not live close enough to a location, or you may live in an area where they don’t operate. Therefore, before you send your resume and job application to your desired pet-care position, don’t forget to use the location search box first.

Lastly, pet-care requires a lot of responsibility and physical activity. Furbabies are just like children. So if you can’t commit or are physically unfit, pet-care may not be suitable for you.

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