How To Find The Best Restaurants In Your Area

Do you enjoy eating out often? Do you consider yourself a true food enthusiast/foodie? If so, you’re going to need an official list of the top best and most worthy restaurants in your local area to bring your friends, family or coworkers to. Online directories to the rescue!

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With the usual hustle bustle of our very busy lives, just about everyone enjoys taking a break from the kitchen and eating out at their favorite restaurants at least once in a while. But if you’re getting tired of the same old thing and craving, let’s say, foreign cuisine or rare delicacies, online food and restaurant directories will be able to tell you the names and exact locations of the top rated restaurants in your general area. Or if you’re on a trip and get super hungry for a particular favorite, such as pizza, sushi, burgers or fried chicken, these directories have got you covered as well. Better yet, if you’re more in the mood for outside dining instead of inside or vise versa, these food guides will hook you up with the perfect table at the perfect setting.

Fork, spoon, chopsticks and knife at the ready- Listed below is a fantastic menu of the best restaurant guides that will be your best friend on your next food safari.

Google Maps

Thanks to Google Maps, you can now find top-rated restaurants in your area faster and easier than ever. You can also find places that are open at specific days and hours. For instance, if you get those oh so familiar midnight munchies on a Saturday night, Google maps is definitely your #1 source that will curb your hunger.

Additionally, if there are any traffic jams near the restaurant you want to visit, google maps will alert you of that as you’re driving there, then provide a better route to your destination. Just open Google Maps and tap on the “Restaurants” tab at the top. All the restaurants on the map are marked with a fork and knife icon.

If you have specific parameters, you can also search for a restaurant by relevance, star rating or distance. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Google Maps won’t let you down.


If you’re feeling super ambitious and want an extra large selection of cuisines to choose from, look no further than Tripadvisor. Apart from booking flights, hotels and vacation packages, Tripadvisor has a whopping 4.3 million restaurants in its registry, everything from fun street food to luxurious indoor dining. You won’t have any trouble finding the perfect restaurant that’s got everything you desire. Just type in your city or food type in the search box, and voila, you’ll be given a plethora of options near your current location.

Plus, it’s jam packed with an extensive and impressive listing of nearby restaurants that offer delicious cuisines from all over the world. Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, French, Italian, Greek, you name it. Tripadvisor has you covered. Just go to the bottom of their main page to see their full listing. As an added bonus, Tripadvisor can also help you reserve a table at your desired restaurant, and provides reviews and photos by their global foodie community to assist you in making the best possible choice.

Restaurant Guru

The Restaurant Guru is just what its name suggests- If you know what you yearn for, but just can’t seem to figure out exactly where to go, Guru is here to save the day. It will be your guide towards a variety of restaurants and culinary delights. Unlike spiritual pursuits, your journey to high quality and delicious food will be quick and easy- simply type in the search bar what kind of food you want and which city you’re in, and you’ll already be halfway to your table.

Besides customer ratings and reviews, Guru can also enlighten you with cozy pubs, steakhouses, fast food, BBQ, bakeries, coffee houses, joints, cafes and other places nearby. Just provide your precise location, and you will then be able to browse through the very closest of places to you. Your “to eat” list will, without a doubt, get pretty long in no time.


Are you searching for that perfect spot that’s within walkable distance or just a short drive away? Or perhaps a place that allows you to make a booking for today or for some later date and for a certain number of people? OpenTable can help you with that.

Another great feature of Opentable? Let’s say you planned to go to a really great restaurant in the city, but the weather is terrible or you’re not feeling well. No problem. Opentable can give you nearby restaurants that provide delivery service, so you don’t have to deprive yourself or wait too long for your loving spoonful to arrive. Plus, you can earn dining rewards and see which restaurants are open in real time. Now that’s a sweet deal.


Do you tend to get those food cravings as you’re going through a useful and interesting website and wish you didn’t have to search elsewhere for a tasty bite? If so, then Yelp is at your service. Whether you’re feasting your eyes on beautiful furniture, looking for a particular professional service or feeling your heart melt from pictures of puppies for sale, Yelp will connect you to the places that have all your favorite foods, such as pizza, burgers, chicken legs, sushi, tacos and more. You can also search by distance and how many people will be dining with you.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to spend precious hours anymore trying to find that perfect restaurant and dish. Thanks to these user-friendly food and restaurant directories, getting really good chow is a piece of cake.

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