How to Receive a Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Medicare

Portable oxygen concentrators have been the game-changing ever since they appeared on the market – but they used to be quite pricy… Let’s see how Medicare could help you obtain one!

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However, with the emergence of POCs, one question that has lingered is if Medicare offers coverage for them, and if they do, what are the criteria for getting one.

How Much Do They cost?

Portable oxygen concentrators have become increasingly popular with a generation always better and efficient than the previous one. They have become smaller, easier to carry, and have even been welcomed by different organizations and transport companies like aircraft. More patients have become increasingly interested in Portable oxygen concentrators, which have encouraged the mass productions of the machines by suppliers. But as with most good things, POCs are not so easy to get. They are pretty expensive.

Getting a standard Portable oxygen concentrator can be telling on a patient’s budget and can, in most cases, only be purchased by well-to-do individuals. This has made patients with Medicare insurances turn to the Government Healthcare organization for relief.

Generally, Medicare covers seniors’ health care bills from 65 years and above, younger people with certain disabilities, and people who require a kidney transplant. The coverage offered by Medicare ranges from common medical treatments to more advanced surgeries. They also supply or provide funds for certain health equipment, so it isn’t out of place for patients to feel if the organization offers coverage for POCs.

This article helps you determine whether Medicare offers POCs coverage and the requirements that make a patient eligible for getting one.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Medicare Insurance (The Stance of Medicare)

Many Medicare beneficiaries who have needs for oxygen equipment, including POC, have always sought to know the government-controlled healthcare stance on oxygen tanks and concentrators. Some of the common questions asked have been in the following directions; are there Medicare Supplement Plans with 100% Portable Oxygen Machine Coverage? If there are, is it on all Portable oxygen concentrators, or are there certain Prices of Portable Oxygen Concentrator Covered by Medicare? We will be answering all of these questions to clear the air on how far Medical care coverage goes and if they cover POCs.

Medicare beneficiaries have always had durable equipment such as wheelchairs covered by the health system, and this was also the case for medical oxygen tanks and concentrators. However, the whole game changed after the healthcare reimbursement rate was cut down by 50 percent in 2013. Medicare still funds the supply of oxygen equipment but only a part of it.

According to Medicare, there are specific criteria that must be satisfied by patients before they can be considered eligible for oxygen equipment, including POCs. If the requirements are met, they will help cover part of the cost. The conditions are outlined below:

– Medicare will only be obliged to cover the cost of oxygen equipment and their accessories on the basis of rent; they will also cover the cost of delivering the equipment to your home. The suppliers of the equipment must be an approved Medicare Oxygen equipment provider.
– You must be able to provide a written order from your doctor prescribing the use of oxygen equipment in your home.
– Your doctor order must state that you are suffering from severe lung disease or are going through relative difficulty getting the needed oxygen required for normal breathing.
– Your doctor must make it clear that your health will likely be improved with oxygen therapy.
– If your arterial blood gas level falls to a range below what is required.
– It must be stated that other possible alternative measures and therapies have proven to be unsuccessful.

If all of the conditions stated above are met, then Medicare will offer coverage on the portable oxygen concentrator and any other thing that may ensure its smooth running. There are, however, some costs you must cover for the rent. You will have to provide 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for the rent.

Medicare Portable Oxygen Concentrators Payment

It is very important to note that Medicare does not fund the purchase of portable oxygen concentrators or any other oxygen equipment. They only cover the equipment’s rent, and you will have to pay 20% of the total fee.

You will also be the one to get the supplier. It is advisable you get a recommendation from your doctor as it can be very difficult to get a Medicare-approved supplier due to its competitive bidding. The funding provided will cover up to 36 months of rent. Medicare states that After even after the 36 months elapse, your supplier will continue to provide the portable oxygen concentrator for an additional 24 months, which will also be covered as arranged. Your supplier is expected to provide the POC for up to 5 years and even more than depending on how long you will have the medical need.

The monthly payments will cover the supplier’s need and the maintenance of your oxygen Concentrator.

What Happens After I Rent My Equipment for 36 Months?

After renting the supplier’s portable oxygen equipment, it is expected that they keep the oxygen concentrator in good working order and carry out continuous maintenance on it as needed. This obligation could take up to a maximum of five years if you need the POC for that long. The supplier will not charge you for any of these services.

The POC supplier must provide everything you will need for all five years and ensure that everything is in top condition. Also, it is important to note that the supplier owns this product throughout the five years.

Your supplier will end the contract of supplying you with the portable oxygen concentrator and all its related services after five years elapse. If you still need oxygen support, you can decide to ask for renewal, repeat the payment terms, or demand a new supplier. The payment process remains unchanged as well.

With the new supplier or renewed contract, a new 36 months obligation will begin, lasting for up to another five years if you need it.

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