Immediate Online Therapy Chat Sites

Life is never an easy journey for anyone, and at times, it can get quite painful, scary, tumultus, difficult and overwhelming. So, when things get to be a bit too much, emotional support from a friend, counselor, talking doctor, psychologist or other trained mental health professionals can be immensely helpful.

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Unfortunately however, not everyone has a friend equipped with the training, skills, discretion, patience and compassion that is required to help with emotional instability, hard times and various life occurrences, such as a loss of a friend/partner/relative, relationship/marriage issues, stress and more. Worse still, many people of all ages simply don’t have readily available access to easy and affordable mental health care due to their location of residence, lack of healthcare insurance coverage, lack of time or lack of funding. Beyond that, not everyone feels comfortable talking to a therapist in person, and prefer an online only approach to counseling and therapy instead.

Keep reading to discover some of the most successful online therapy chat sites/apps.



By far, BlahTherapy is one of the best online chat platforms, offering therapist sessions and online emotional support chat rooms worldwide. The licensed therapists on the platform specialize in a range of mental health issues, including depression, relationship issues, stress and anxiety, grief, parenting issues, LGBTQ+ struggles, marital issues, addiction recovery, eating disorders, low self-esteem, abuse, personality disorders, personal development and more. Patients can also choose to chat with their peers anonymously using the free Chat With Strangers tool.

New patients sign up and fill out a detailed questionnaire that matches them with one of over 2,000 licensed and experienced therapists. The licensed therapists found on BlahTherapy are sourced from the BetterHelp platform, and have gone through thorough training and field testing to ensure that individuals get the best online mental health support possible.

The very reasonable fee (60-80 dollars per month) to enter sessions with a licensed therapist includes unlimited messaging and live phone and video chat sessions. Individuals are given a certain number of live sessions per the basic fee, but can make additional appointments for just slightly extra. BlahTherapy also has zero registration and free groups and forums where individuals can come together for additional emotional support.


Starting back in 2013, 7Cups has since reached over 53 million people in 189 countries. Even more impressively, this free online therapy platform has also been awarded the Stanford Medicine X HealthCare Design Award, and is fully supported by peer-reviewed publications, such as the Journal of Mental Health and several others.

7 Cups operates as a network of trained volunteer “listeners” who are happy to provide emotional support instantly via texting in private online chat rooms. Its free to download and join, plus their volunteer chat services are 100% free and totally anonymous, which helps create a more pleasant experience for the patient. All volunteers are required to complete a comprehensive online course developed by the creators of 7Cups before they can start listening and speaking to users.

New users can search the platform for active listeners who have had similar experiences, or specialize in specific issues. To prove the listeners’ dedication on the platform, the users can easily see every listener’s number of cheers, badges, level of expertise and compassion hearts. 7Cups also offers community chat rooms and forums for a large variety of groups and issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, LGBTQ+ related issues, and for teenagers between the ages of 13-17.

Alternatively, individuals can opt to buy special sessions with a licensed professional therapist for $150 per month.


eTherapyPro is another great online therapy platform to turn to when you need an emotional helping hand. This platform quickly connects patients with the most appropriate licensed and professional therapists. New patients start off by filling out an important, detailed questionnaire to get matched with the most suitable counselor within 24 hours. You get a free 3 day trial, after which you will need to pay small fees, depending on what kind of sessions you want and how often.

The counselors on this platform specialize in various mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, and low self-esteem. Each counselor works closely with their patients to set achievable goals and set a feasible plan to get there. If a patient just isn’t feeling a connection, they can easily switch to another counselor, free of charge.

Patients can also pre schedule sessions, and have the choice of live chat, live phone calls, or live video, and can message their therapist directly on the app. These services are offered nationwide, 24/7, year round.

Free Online Therapy

Free Online Therapy is yet another wonderful online mental health platform that’s completely free to join, and also offers paid sessions with experienced licensed therapists from the BetterHelp platform.

The platform offers counseling for struggling individuals and couples with relationship issues. On the platform, you can find free counseling chat rooms with volunteer members that are available 24/7. You can also sign up for sessions geared towards an individual or a couple. New patients must fill out a detailed questionnaire to be properly assessed and matched with a suitable therapist. Once a new patient and therapist are matched, they can start a seven-day free trial for private sessions. If the patient isn’t happy, it’s easy to switch until they find the right one for them.

Free Online Therapy also provides helpful resources and information for individuals seeking help for PTSD, suicidal thoughts, and crisis support. Other resources include a blog page with articles that cover tips on guided meditation, reducing anxiety, and battling depression.

Final Thoughts

Please be advised- If someone you know is outright threatening to commit suicide, then therapy chats will not be helpful. Time is of the essence in these cases, so please call your local suicide prevention hotline right away for assistance.

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