Makeup Tips Best for Seniors

Some make-up artists say that women aged 50+ can’t achieve the same sparkling dazzle and facial beauty that younger women can. But thankfully, according to the decades long professional make-up artist, Sandy Linter, this is a pessimistic view and entirely not true. Makeup can work wonders for all ages.

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With all the various skincare and makeup advice out there, you may be wondering, “Which makeup brands are the most highly rated and affordable?” “How do I use them to get that radiant and youthful look that I want?” “What are the secrets that top makeup artists use”?

But before we jump into the best makeup brands for seniors and how to use them properly, lets first lay out the basics.


Basic And Important Makeup Knowledge

Believe it or not, these secrets and techniques are easier and simpler than you might expect. And many other top makeup artists use these exact methods with total confidence and success.

At any age, but especially for seniors, you need to remember that procedure and natural- looking skin are key factors. The order of application of each product must be followed correctly if you want to achieve the best results.

This can’t be emphasized enough- Always use a mirror in a well-lighted room so you can see what you are doing, and always apply your makeup and skincare products in an upward motion to combat wrinkles and the effects of gravity. In addition, pluck your eyebrows moderately and carefully.
Don’t be too tame with the skincare, makeup and eyebrow shaping, but don’t overdo them either. There is an old saying, “Less is more.” And when it comes to overall facial beauty, this is of vital importance.

Below are listed some of the most highly recommended makeup brands and skincare methods used by the professionals, listed step by step.

Step 1: Create a Glowing Base

First thing’s first, make sure you follow the tried-and-true daily skincare routine: cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating. Afterwards, dry your face by patting it gently with a soft towel. This is essential in maintaining a healthy complexion, especially when you reach the senior’s club.

Before you apply any makeup, carefully spread a small amount of light- hydrating moisturizer on your skin in an upwards motion. Watch out for heavy moisturizers though, because those brands never blend or work well with makeup. Let the light moisturizer set into your skin for at least a few minutes.

Top Recommended Glowing Base Product:
SkinCeuticals Emollience – $63.00

Step 2: Cover Up Conservatively

While face wrinkles can be annoying, it’s important to know that trying to hide them doesn’t work, because doing so will only make them more noticeable.
Therefore, in order to take attention away from your wrinkles, first even out your skin tone by using a hydrating foundation, then use a concealer to hide the dark circles under your eyes. Use a sponge or a brush to spread the foundation all over your face and neck evenly.

Apply both in an upwards motion, avoid your eyes, and rub it in very well so it blends into your natural skin tone.

Top Recommended Foundation and Concealer Products:

Kevyn Aucoin The Etherealist Foundation – $58.00
L’Oréal Age Perfect Radiant Concealer – $13.00

Step 3: Sculpt and Lift Subtly

To emphasize your cheekbones and give them that pretty and rosy appearance, use a blusher brush. Make that quintessential duckface as you apply your blush to make your cheekbones more prominent, so you will apply it evenly and in the right place.

Start from the hairline near your ears and work your way down your cheek. Its best to use a muted rosy shade of blush.

Top Recommended Blush Product:
MAC Powder Blush – $25.00

Step 4: Play Up the Eyes

In order to achieve a more youthful look, you need to make your eyes appear larger and brighter. First, carefully apply your eyeshadow. Choose a shade or two that best compliment your individual eye color. Stick with neutral shades. Start from the inner corner of your eye, then work your way outward to make the colors blend and get lighter on the outer end.

After that, carefully apply your eyeliner on your upper and inner eyelids. Lastly, Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, then choose a mascara that contains Provitamin B5 to help nourish your eyelashes. Apply it, starting from the roots. Make sure it isn’t too thick, as this will cause your eyelashes to clump.

Top Recommended Eyeliner and Mascara Products:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Infinite Waterproof Eyeliner – $29.00
Chanel Inimitable Mascara – $32.00

Step 5: Balance Out the Lips

As we age, our lips become asymmetrical. But not to worry, all you have to do is balance out your lips. To do this, you need to use a lip pencil. Then, apply the lipstick of your choice.

Rub your lips together to spread the color evenly on both lips. Don’t let the color go past your lip lines.

Top recommended Lip Pencil and Lipstick Products:

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – $27.00
Dior Rouge Dior – $38.00


Just because you’ve hit your senior years, doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel your fabulous best. So, smile and let your beauty shine through. Many pro makeup artists didn’t listen to the naysayers. And neither should you.

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