Mattresses Best For Seniors In 2022

A good night’s sleep is important and beneficial for everyone. For seniors, sleeping on a proper mattress is a key ingredient in getting that good night’s sleep. Sleeping on an improper mattress often results in bodily discomfort and even aches and pains when leaving the bed, not to mention poor sleep.

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There are literally hundreds of different kinds and styles of mattresses from many dozens of companies. Even a single manufacturer can offer over a dozen different kinds of mattresses. Choosing one can be a confusing and difficult task for anybody. But for seniors, it is even more important that they choose one that is not just comfortable, but good for their bodily health. Needless to say, the vast majority of mattresses are not the best choice for seniors.

Because of this, price, while important, should not be the overriding factor in making a choice. The physical qualities and features, durability and reliability must also be considered. It is also important that seniors make their preliminary, educated choice in advance – so they won’t get talked into something else by a bed sales person. Also, even though many mattresses come with a satisfaction warranty, it is advisable to go to an actual physical store to try the mattress before making a final buying decision. The best mattresses for seniors in 2022 are listed below.


Types of Mattresses

The following are the four main types of mattresses:

– Memory foam: Very popular for providing pressure relief and helping alleviate bodily aches and pains. Memory foam contours to the body and provides a ‘sinking in’ feeling.

– Latex: These types of mattresses are similar in feel to memory foam; but they provide less bounce. Also, latex does not retain as much heat as memory foam, leading to a cooler sleep.

– Innerspring: These mattresses use the original design of steel coils, that compress underneath a person’s weight, sort of like a car’s shock absorbers. They usually are more affordable than other mattress types, however they are less durable and may offer less targeted bodily support.

– Hybrid: This is a more modern and advanced type of mattress, made of one or more layers of memory foam or latex plus a layer of pocketed coils. Hybrid mattresses combine the bounce of innerspring mattresses and the contour and pressure relief of memory foam and latex.

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid

A hybrid mattress combining coils with layers of foam and is available in soft, medium, and firm support levels. Its special feature is that it is made with fabric designed to maintain a cool surface temperature and thus keep you cool. Brooklyn offers a 120 day trial period, 10 year warranty, free shipping and returns, and is made in the USA.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

This special hybrid mattress contains an innerspring layer for support, a layer of gel memory foam which is designed to follow the body’s contours. Finally, the mattress has a cover made of quilted foam, topped with cashmere for a very soft and smooth feel. DreamCloud offers a very generous one year trial period, free shipping and returns, and a lifetime warranty.

Layla Memory Foam

The special feature of this memory foam mattress is that it is flippable, with one side providing soft support and the other side firm support. So, it is almost like getting two mattresses in one. Each side has cooling covers, followed by antimicrobial copper-gel memory foam layers, with support foam at the core. Layla offers a 120 day trial period, lifetime warranty, free shipping and returns, and is made in the USA.

Leesa Original

This all foam mattress is made of 10 layers – the top two are a breathable foam to promote cool sleeping, the following two are memory foam, and the bottom six are solid foam. It is designed to provide medium – firm pressure-relieving support for all body types. Leesa offers a 100 day trial period, 10 years warranty, free shipping and returns, and is made in the USA.

Nectar Memory Foam

This mattress is designed to provide effective relief for people with back pain. It is made with a Tencel cover on top, followed by a gel memory foam layer to distribute weight evenly and base layers to provide support. Nectar offers a one year trial period, lifetime warranty, and free shipping and returns.

Saatva Classic

A hybrid mattress designed to help joint and back pain. It is also designed to accommodate people who are heavier. It contains pocketed mini-coils, memory foam, and poly-foam with a Euro-top padding layer. This mattress is available in three different firmness settings. Saatva offers a 180 day trial period, 15 years warranty, free shipping and returns and is made in the USA.


A hybrid mattress made of a Tencel top layer designed to keep people cool, a Euro-pillow top with gel-infused foam, zone support made up of individually wrapped coils, and extra support along the edges, which is good for those who sit on the edge of their bed. It is designed to help align the spine, relieves pressure points, and conforms to the shape of the body. WinkBed offers a 120 day trial period, lifetime warranty, free shipping and returns and is made in the USA.

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