Medical Alert Systems Best For Seniors In 2023

Seniors are increasingly wanting to maintain an independent lifestyle by remaining in their own home rather than live in a retirement facility. However, many seniors often go to such facilities mainly to be assured of onsite and round the clock medical care. With this technology, seniors can stay in their own home and still be medically protected.

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Medical alert systems can provide seniors and their loved ones peace of mind, knowing that such a system will quickly summon help if there is a fall, accident or illness requiring medical assistance – even if the affected senior can’t get to their phone or is unconscious. These systems when activated call a professional monitoring person, who will then summon help as required by the situation.

In addition to a call for help button on a main unit, medical alert systems also have a help button that a senior wears as a necklace or bracelet. They can summon help even if they can’t get to the main unit. Many systems have a two-way speaker built-in to the portable help button unit. Better yet, there are systems where the wearable unit has a “fall detection” feature. It will automatically call for help if it detects the person has fallen down. This is a very important feature, as about 25% of all seniors will experience a fall, which can present a grave threat to the person. There are many companies providing this equipment and monitoring service, the best of which are listed below.



This company uses a special monitoring service where there are personnel who speak almost every major language. This is a blessing for seniors who are not native English speakers. In addition to this, their other features include:

• Excellent 30-day battery life for the wearable units
• Good discounts when paying annually or quarterly
• No hidden fees
• Customized emergency responses
• Large variety of add-on features and equipment

Pricing: $29 to $59 per month, including equipment and monitoring services.

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm offers some of the lowest prices available while using state of the art equipment and technology. Their portable units are also small and lightweight, thus convenient and discreet. Their other features include:

• Modern and sleek equipment
• Price-lock guarantee
• No hidden fees
• A friendly 30-day risk free trial
• Customizable packages
• An optional “Smartwatch” system

Pricing: Starting at $20 per month for a basic system, with an additional $10 per month for Fall Detection, including equipment and monitoring services.


Lively is special in that it offers cell phones equipped with a built in medical alert, so seniors can stay protected and connected on the go with one simple device. This company’s other features include:

• Additional advanced add-on health and safety features
• Flip phone available
• Affordable cell phones
• Discounts for AARP members
• Senior-friendly phones
• No contracts or cancellation fees

Pricing: Service is $20 – $40 per month, Equipment ranges from $50 to $150.

Medical Alert

Medical Alert’s mobile app lets the user’s loved ones, straight from their smartphone, to view the user’s call history and device status, create testing schedules, build an emergency contact list, and check the user’s location. Other features include:

• No extra fees
• Location tracking
• Friendly 30-day risk-free trial
• Customizable emergency response plans
• Simple setup
• Large discount for annual payment plan

Pricing: $23 – $43 per month, with an extra $10 month for Fall Detection feature, including service and equipment.


MobileHelp provides helpful multiple two-in-one systems. This allows the senior plus a spouse or roommate to be covered at one affordable monthly rate. They also offer “MobileHelp Touch” systems, enabled with medication reminders and other health and safety features. In addition:

• Variety of equipment to choose from
• Friendly 30-day risk-free trial
• Touchscreen systems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology
• Two wearable help button units included with most systems

Pricing: $20 – $65 per month, with an extra $10 per month for Fall Detection, service and equipment included.

One Call Alert

One Call Alert has one of the lowest rates for in-home protection on the market. The In-Home Wireless system also has an impressive base-to-button coverage range of 1,300 feet, so that there is protection throughout the home and even in the yard or a balcony.

• Good choice for those who want affordable in-home protection
• Good for couples or roommates
• Good choice for seniors who don’t need high-tech features
• Good for seniors who live in large multi-story homes

Pricing: $20 – $45 per month, extra $10 per month for Fall Detection, including equipment and service.


They offer some of the most advanced, high-tech activity monitoring with every package. QMedic tracks the user’s behavior, and if their activity or sleeping patterns are abnormal, real-time alerts will be sent to their loved ones. Additional features:

• No equipment fees
• No long-term contracts
• Water-resistant mobile GPS system
• Caregiver dashboard and real time mobile alerts to loved ones
• 14-day battery life for mobile system

Pricing: $25 – $34 per month, including equipment and activity monitoring.

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