Medicare-Covered Cleaning Services for Seniors

Medicare is the national federal program that offers seniors over 65 access to healthcare and related services. Medicare offers numerous coverage options, which are categorized as “Part A” and “Part B”. Housekeeping services are not covered by Medicare A and B, however they can be under the more recent “Part C” plan.

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Even those who are essentially healthy in their older years may require assistance with housekeeping. For people who are sick or infirm, the need is even greater. Medicare, however, has previously refused to pay for house cleaning since it is not considered a medical or health service. Medicare launched a new “Part C” coverage to cover these services because many sought services, like dental and vision care, were not covered by the original A and B coverage. This may occasionally include hiring a housecleaning service.

Limited Housekeeping Services and Medicare

Limited and transitory cleaning services may be covered by original Medicare (A and B). After covered surgery and injury, this is the situation where the patient requires in-home care. A home health care provider may be covered by Medicare for a limited time. These individuals are frequently permitted to perform modest household tasks including tidying up after themselves, doing light washing, and clearing tables. Medicare A or B never cover deeper and more extensive cleaning tasks around the house, like vacuuming, washing windows, and cleaning bathrooms.

Services for House Cleaning and Part C "Medicare Advantage" Plans

Medicare (Part C) Advantage Plans, which are sold to Medicare beneficiaries by commercial health insurance firms, enable them to offer additional services. These added services change depending on the package you purchase, which fluctuates. Extra services like dental, vision, and extended prescription coverage are typical. House cleaning services are occasionally included by these Advantage plans, although they are typically not comprehensive.

If covered house cleaning is related to a particular medical need, it is usually permitted. Chronic asthma and other breathing-related disorders are excellent examples of this. In this instance, routine vacuuming, washing of bedding, dusting, and cleaning of rugs and drapes can all be handled. But this only happens sometimes, not frequently. Another example would be if a patient has a condition where they lack immunity, in which case disinfectant cleaning services might be provided.

In any case, even an Advantage plan will not pay for extensive, routine house cleaning services, at least not right now.

Potential Growth in Medicare Advantage's (Part C) Benefits

In-home caregiving services are provided by several Medicare Advantage plans. This frequently entails assisting patients with their physical mobility, administering any necessary medications and treatments, preparing meals, and getting clothed. These caregivers must perform some basic household tasks, such as cleaning and dishwashing. They aren’t meant to be a “maid,” though, who cleans the entire house on a regular basis.

It’s likely that some of these Advantage plans will begin to pay for more frequent and all-purpose house cleaning, particularly for patients who are extremely frail, incapacitated, or suffering from long-term illness.

What Makes Home-Care Services Under Original Medicare Different from House Cleaning Services

There has long been uncertainty over these two services. These are fundamentally distinct services under Medicare, though.

Among the home care services are:

– Skilled nursing care, available on an intermittent or part-time basis

– Physical therapy

– Occupational therapy

– Social and medical services

– Home health care services, which may be provided periodically or part-time

– Services in speech pathology

– Services for housecleaning include

– Drycleaning services

– Shopping

– Cleaning of carpets and floors

– Cleaning the bathroom

Medicare Parts A and B cover home care services; no separate coverage is needed for these. However, seniors must also be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan in order to benefit from any type of regular housecleaning service.

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