Modern Teeth Whitening Solutions You Should Try

The brushing and flossing of the teeth is the traditional way of teeth whitening and keeping them healthy due to the presence of bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide in dentifrices.

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Teeth Whitening

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

However, one’s inevitable way of life may alter this natural whiteness of the teeth, with long-lasting stains that may be difficult to erase (or may not be made clean) by merely using toothpaste. Some of the factors that take away the whiteness from one’s teeth include the following:

Foods and drinks: Colored foods and drinks such as red wine, coffee, and tea are part of the several components in this category that stain the outer part of the teeth because they all contain a staining agent called chromogens.

Age: The repeated brushing of the wears off the outer layer known as enamel makes it thinner, thereby exposing the yellowish inner layer called dentin.

Tobacco usage: The use of tobacco exposes the user’s teeth to perpetual stains caused by its components. The two teeth staining components in tobacco are nicotine and tar. Nicotine is naturally colorless but assumes a yellowish color in the presence of oxygen, while tar is carbon; hence it is naturally dark.

Medications: The use of drugs such as antihistamines and antipsychotics can darken the teeth. Furthermore, Infants that are given antibiotics such as tetracycline when their teeth are just developing may have discoloration of teeth when matured.

Most of these causatives of teeth discoloration deposit a type of stain that appears to be perpetual because the regular use of toothpaste yields a futile outcome, giving the user refreshing breath without whitening the teeth. The Idempotent result lead various individuals to several dentists who bleach their teeth but not without the application of a protective gel or rubber shield to protect the gum from impairment. Advancement then leads to the development of several teeth-whitening products that can be applied to the teeth by the individuals rather than consulting a dentist. Amongst several options for the whitening of teeth at home, strip and light devices yield the best results within a short period because you will place the active ingredients directly on the teeth. A blue LED light is held over the active ingredients to increase the penetration and acceleration results further when using a whitening light device.

Teeth whitening products primarily contain bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in the necessary concentration apt to break down stains from the outer part of teeth (enamel) and thereby making the teeth sparkling white. However, several factors come into play when purchasing a teeth whitening product. There are a plethora of teeth whitening products in the market with different efficiency when it comes to removing stains and how well they protect the gum from impairment. If one is not knowledgeable about several factors that make a product fit for his teeth, he might end up purchasing that causes dental abnormalities rather than fulfilling its purpose, which is the whitening of the teeth. One should be aware that whitening products only work for natural teeth but not for dental implants. Here are the other factors to consider before purchasing a teeth-whitening kit.

– Eligibility for the use of teeth-whitening products
– Teeth-whitening ingredients
– Cause of teeth discoloration
– Teeth sensitivity

– Eligibility for of teeth-whitening products: Before purchasing a teeth-whitening product, it would be best if you ensured that you are eligible to use it and if you can know this by consulting your dentist; because you may not be aware of some subtitle dental abnormalities that will aggravate when exposed to chemicals present in a teeth-whitening product. Individuals with dental abnormalities, pregnant women, and those suffering from diabetes & melanoma are not eligible to use teeth-whitening products.

– Teeth-whitening ingredients: teeth-whitening products contain ingredients that differ in concentration; however, the sensitivity reaction of teeth towards them varies in individuals.

– Causes of teeth discoloration: The cause of teeth coloration can be categorized into two:

– Discoloration from the consumption of colored food and drinks. The stains from this source can be removed by bleaching and other whitening methods.

– Discoloration from specific medications and intrinsic factors. The stain can not be removed by bleaching or any other whitening methods; however, opting for crowns and veneers will hide the stains.

After deliberating on these highlighted factors and you are free from any dental abnormalities (such as gum diseases) and eligible for the use of teeth-whitening products, it would be best if you consider a few factors that should come with the whitening kit, such as

– Desensitizing serum and rubber shield that will protect your gums from impairment due to exposure to the chemicals that make up the teeth-whitening solution.

– Teeth-whitening guide that will forestall harmful side effects such as extreme teeth sensitivity.

One of the various types of teeth-whitening solutions that comes with these benefits apart from its whitening strength is SnowTeeth Whitening. SnowTeeth Whitening does not only offer about ninety-nine percent whitening of teeth but also provides a LED teeth-whitening guide and sensitizing serums to forestall and protect users from side effects such as irritated gums and teeth sensitivity.

Types of Snow Teeth Whitening kits

Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening All-in-one kit:
This kit contains the following:

1.Seventy-five treatment worth of product
2. Mouthpiece with LED accelerating technology
3. Four sets of whitening wands to clean stains

Wireless Teeth-Whitening System: This is a tech-savvy system that wirelessly charges and offers two functions indicated by two different colored lights for unique purposes:

– The blue-colored light whitens teeth

– The red-colored light mitigates teeth sensitivity and protects the gum from impairment.

The expenses associated with the use of a teeth-whitening product at home are inexpensive when compared to the thousands of dollars required for an in-office professional whitening session. Irrespective of price, another significant factor you should consider before purchasing a teeth-whitening kit is to make sure it is easy to use at home without consulting an expert or your dentist to teach you how to use it. However, SnowTeeth Whitening products are easy to use, and it is not time-consuming.

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