Most Anticipated 2023 EVs For Seniors

As all fossil fuels, including gasoline, become more unpopular and expensive – the popularity and availability of electric vehicles (EVs) becomes larger. Once considered an adult “toy” of the rich, EVs have now become mainstream and are being driven by all types of people, including seniors.

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One of the biggest reasons seniors have started to embrace EVs is cost. The price of gasoline has become very expensive and even if it somewhat declines, it can (and has in the past) suddenly skyrocketed. For the many active car driving seniors who live on a limited fixed income, this is a very bad situation for them. Next, the cost of the EV itself has started to drastically decrease, mostly due to the ever increasing supply of these vehicles and the resultant competition. Another reason for the increasing demand for EVs by seniors is that there are now numerous dealers, service repair facilities and charging stations available.

Of course, not all of these EVs are suitable for seniors. Just like regular gas powered cars, an EV should be senior friendly. This means the vehicle should be safe, easy to operate, reliable and comfortable. Following are listed the most anticipated senior friendly 2023 EV models.


Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Bolt comes from a very well known and trusted car company, GM Chevrolet. Many seniors feel more comfortable with a car company they are familiar with. Also, as is the case with most other Chevy car models, the Bolt is affordable, especially for an EV model. The Bolt ‘EUV’ model starts at around $28,000. This model is an improvement over the standard model, with its longer wheelbase which provides for more rear seat and storage room. Another great new feature, is that the Bolt now includes an 11.5-kw onboard charger, which means you can make the most of any Level 2 charge points you find along the way. Also included are Android and Apple wireless systems. The rated range on a full charge for this car is a very nice 247 miles.

Hyundai Kona Electric

This Korean car company has established a very strong foothold and following in the American market, even against the Japanese competition. The Kona, while still a compact car, is larger and more comfortable than the Bolt. It has been improved for 2023, including a better instrument cluster and infotainment screen (which has been rated as best in its class), which includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Also, the price has been reduced to $35,000. The Kona’s 64-kwh battery pack can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in just 47 minutes, and the rated driving range on a full charge is 258 miles.

Nissan Leaf

This EV model has been around for a while and has proven to be very successful. This is due in part to its interior cabin space being larger than its competitors and also providing a more comfortable ride. The regular Leaf model has had its price reduced to under $29,000 and comes equipped with a 40 kwh battery pack, which is rated at a driving range of 149 miles. The Leaf provides an excellent combination of comfort, space and value.

There is also now a Leaf Plus model, which is equipped with a 62 kwh battery pack, providing a healthier 212 mile driving range on a full charge. The Leaf Plus sells at under $37,000. All Leaf models include a DC fast-charging system.

Volkswagen ID.4

This car with the funny name is now an “American” car in 2023, as the German car company is now building these cars in the United States. The ID.4 is pleasant to drive and it’s been rated as more spacious and comfortable than all the other EV models in its class. Better yet, VW has reduced the selling price, putting it at under the $40,000 mark for the first time, including destination fees. However, VW hasn’t skimped on the features – the Standard version coming with park-assist system, an extensive package of active-safety features, a big 12-inch touchscreen, and a very useful 45-watt USB-C port good for laptops and tablets. The ID.4 is powered by a strong 201-hp electric motor with a 62 kwh battery pack that has a driving range rated at 208 miles on a full charge.

Final Thoughts

While there may be many places that now sell and service EVs, the same may not be true for charging stations. In many larger urban areas, there is often a healthy number of charging stations available, sometimes located even in traditional gas stations. In more suburban areas, this is often not the case. Also, it is advisable that you have a safe and proper way to recharge your EV at your home. This is usually a simple matter to get installed if you have a private garage or car port. In any case, by owning and driving an EV, you will certainly spend a lot less money versus a gas powered car.

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