Most Popular Diets for 2022

Dieting and wellness trends rise and fall through the years. Although some diets may be approved and highly recommended by nutritionists, dieticians and scientists, they don’t always become popular or favorable in the eyes of the general public for many reasons.

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On the flip side, sometimes it ends up going in the opposite direction-Some diets may be given a thumbs down per the experts, but despite that, people try it out, give it 2 thumbs up and spread the word about it to others anyway.

In any case, there is no doubt that dieting is here to stay. But before we spill the beans on which diets are being rated as the most popular in 2022, it’s important to know the solid facts about dieting in general.


Important Facts About Diets In General

Just like all the various exercises, medications and health treatments available, every kind of diet created by dieticians and scientists are not cookie cutter, which means they are NOT one size fits all. Every person is a slightly different case regarding genetics, overall health status, lifestyle and monetary ability. These factors are key when it comes to choosing which diet, popular or not, best suits your individual case and is easiest for you to maintain.

It’s also important to remember that some health conditions, such as diabetes or heart problems, require a constant, long – term dietary commitment in order to treat and manage those conditions. But other conditions, such as being overweight, only require a short-term dietary commitment, and allow some flexibility once the goal is reached. In such cases, it is highly recommended to seek professional guidance, so you don’t over-do it.

Balance is key in maintaining your health goals. Every diet in existence, even the most popular ones, will only be effective if you follow it sensibly and diligently.

Mediterranean Diet

Ranking #1 on many current lists, the Mediterranean diet is very popular for several reasons: People who follow this diet have been reported to be generally healthier than others. It’s also nutritionally sound and allows a decent variety of foods to choose from.

Why is this diet so popular and successful? It keeps red meat, sugar, sweets and saturated fats to the bare minimum, cheese and yogurt is placed in moderation, and embraces a high level of nuts, fish, olive oil, poultry, eggs, legumes, whole grains, fruits, veggies and other healthful foods. It even let’s you sit back and relax with a nice, occasional glass of wine.

If followed correctly and with due diligence, this diet provides several health benefits, including weight loss, heart and brain health, cancer prevention, and diabetes prevention and control.

Flexitarian Diet

If you’re not a fan of the vegan thing, but don’t want to go full carnivore either, the Flexitarian diet may be the right match for you. This popular diet is pretty much a mix/combo of paleo and vegetarianism. Most of the time, it emphasizes sticking to that tried-and-true vegetarian track, but the good news is, you can still enjoy the occasional burger or steak when that irresistible urge hits you.

By eating more veggies and plants and keeping the meat products low, enthusiasts and experts claim that people who follow this diet will not only lose weight, but will also achieve an improvement in their overall health. It will reduce their rate of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. All in all, this diet will help add several years to your life

Low Carb Diet

In today’s world, the high levels of sugar and bad carbs seem to be everywhere. This spells trouble for people who suffer from Diabetes or obesity. But not to worry, the Low Carb diet is here for you.

If you keep your protein and fat levels high, and reduce your overall intake of carbs, then anything goes. Avoid starches like potatoes, rice, beans, sugar, pasta and bread as much as possible.

Some people like to refer to low carb as “Keto”, but this isn’t always accurate. Keto, which is short for Ketosis, is when your body is so low in sugar levels that it’s forced to burn fat reserves for energy. However, keto is less popular nowadays because its too extreme and restrictive for most people to maintain long term.

Vegan Diet

If zero animal-based products appeal to you, then the Vegan diet is the way to go.

Veganism has become super popular, especially amongst the animal lovers, but there is one little drawback to it: You can easily become deficient in certain essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy and strong. So, be sure to take multivitamins to prevent this, even if you eat a wide variety of vegan friendly food.

Intermittent Fasting

This dietary approach can be fun because there is no limit on food type. It’s generally all about the timing: After a meal, you must wait around 12-13 hours to eat again. This is not for the newbie, but still relatively popular and effective.


No matter what goal or which diet you choose, don’t forget to combine it with a healthy lifestyle and sufficient physical activity. These two factors must be utilized together, otherwise any diet will not be nearly as effective. Of course, always consult with your physician before starting a diet regimen , especially if you are under treatment for medical conditions.

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