Most Prestigious Graduate Degrees For Seniors

You don’t have to graduate medical school to become a “doctor”. Anyone who obtains a PhD degree in any subject is entitled to the prestigious designation as a doctor. And, even if you’re already a senior – it’s not too late to earn a prestigious PhD for yourself. Many PhD graduates are over 50.

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A PhD is a doctorate-level degree that is, in most cases, the highest level of academic achievement in a given subject. PhD is an abbreviation for “doctor of philosophy.” However, it is not specifically a philosophy degree. In this case, the term “philosophy” refers to the Greek meaning ‘love of wisdom’. A PhD degree is a type of graduate degree known as a doctorate, that can be in various liberal-art subjects or theoretical and research-based topics.

A PhD usually includes a review of current academic literature, original research, a thesis, a final dissertation, and an oral defense of their position. Although they are not medical doctors, PhD graduates have every right to call themselves “doctor.” These degrees are available both through on-campus and online studies, from many hundreds of universities around the world. While traditional PhD degree programs typically take many years to complete, there are many online programs that are accelerated in nature and allows you to skip getting a master’s degree and go straight from having a bachelor’s degree into a PhD program. Listed below are the most prestigious PhD degrees for seniors.


Genetic Counseling

Genetics is one of the hottest and most prestigious academic areas in recent times. Persons who hold a PhD degree in this field are in very high demand – with a very high job growth rate of over 20% per year. Genetics play a very important part in our health and wellbeing, and understanding genetics can help people make better decisions regarding their healthcare. This is why genetic counselors are in high demand, and why it’s among the most lucrative PhD options.

It’s the job of genetic counselors to discuss inherited medical risks so patients can make better decisions. They are involved with testing, interviews, and providing information for available treatments to both patients and medical personnel. The top 10% earn over $114,000, so this is one of the highest paying PhDs you can complete. Thanks to high growth, this is one of the best PhD degrees for jobs.


A PhD degree in Public / Economic Policy is a special degree in the field of Economics. Economists do more than just study money. The also study, analyze, and influence the distribution of goods, services, labor, and resources. While these are highly connected to money, it’s not just mere dollars and cents for economists. They also research issues, collect data, interpret findings, and, in some cases, report their findings to the highest levels of our government, corporations and other organizations. Completing this type of PhD program, can help you land one of these positions, which is one of the highest paying PhD jobs you can find, with a median annual salary of $105,000 plus a very impressive job growth rate of 14%.

Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership

With the dynamic intermix of teachers, students, parents, staff, and community leaders; the field of education can be complex and frustrating. It’s the job of postsecondary administrators to help these various groups to successfully navigate the complexities of schools and even school systems and support their important work. The specific responsibilities of this career will vary, but most are of a high level administrative nature. This kind of degree can lead to a job as a provost or dean at a major educational institution. The median annual salary for these degree holders is over $95,000 and the top 10% earn over $194,000 annually.

PhD In Atmospheric Science

The subject of climate change is a very big issue and likely to become bigger and more important. Therefore the “weather” is much more than a topic of idle conversation. The weather has an impact on us, our society and economy every day. Things like heat waves, large storms and tornadoes, blizzards, and rain fall all have a big effect. Thanks to the work of atmospheric scientists, we usually are able to predict and prepare for all of these situations. These professionals study the weather in many ways, including detailed and regular measurement and recording of meteorological data and generating computer models to predict and understand how the weather will behave in the future.

PhD In Public Policy / Administration

Graduates in this field work in all levels of government, from local to international, and are key players in helping to analyze and formulate various government policies and laws. They also serve on faculties of universities schools of public administration and policy. While this is technically an academic field depending on objective data – it also is heavily involved with the very subjective field of political science, which makes it a very interesting and dynamic type of career. Graduates of this kind of degree program have an annual median salary of over $122,000.

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