Online Exercises Best For Better Health For Seniors

Have you ever browsed through a variety of websites, blogs and social media platforms and thought to yourself- “Okay sure, these videos look great, but they’re designed for younger people who are more physically fit and agile with body movements. That doesn’t really help me.”

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You’re far from the only one with this dilemma. This challenge is very common amongst the senior’s club, especially those who are very overweight, have poor balance or coordination, or have damaged and weak joints. The issue is not always about the speed of the alternating movement exercises in these workout/follow -the -fitness- coach videos, its often about the specific type of movements that the coach instructs the viewer to copy. Because of certain physical pains and limitations that often come with aging, many seniors find it very difficult to follow along with these changes of movement, the advanced kinds of exercises, and the speed in which they alternate.

Tips And Tricks To Prepare For Your Online Workout Session

Once you have chosen some exercises and workouts that are suitable for your specific goals, needs and ability level, there is a number of important health and safety guidelines from the fitness experts that you need to know before starting off on your journey towards better health.

Tip #1: The first thing you must do is to choose a good place in your home for the workout sessions. Anywhere will do just fine, as long as there is plenty of space to freely move around. Be sure to remove all objects from the floor and any potentially hazardous objects lying around the area. You don’t want to risk getting injured while you’re working out.

Tip #2: The second thing that all health and fitness coaches highly recommend before a workout is to take 5 minutes or so for a quick and effective warm up. Your body needs a chance to acclimate and prepare for the physical work your about to put it through. If you don’t do this, you could easily end up with an injured joint or muscle. In addition, be sure to have a bottle of water near you. Staying well hydrated during your workout is important.

Tip #3: Don’t forget to change into comfortable and loose-fitting clothing, and slip on those snazzy sneakers. Bottom line, you can wear anything you wish, as long as it allows lots of movement and doesn’t squeeze your body.

Tip #4: To help motivate, inspire and keep you going while you’re working your body, it’s essential that you pick videos with good background tracks that keep you pumping. For example, you can try workout videos that contain fast, calming or upbeat instrumental – only tunes that will help boost your overall workout productivity, determination and confidence.

Lastly, if the video’s fitness instructor is talking to you during the workout, it is highly recommended that you don’t choose a video with singing voices in it, because this could distract and confuse you.

Now that we have the basics laid out and clear, it’s time to jump right in. Following are some of the best online exercises for seniors.

Level 1 Workout- “Fit & Strong” By Fitness Icon Jane Fonda

If you feel that you’re a novice/beginner with the workout thing and want to start off nice and easy, then this video from Jane Fonda, (aka the daughter of Henry Fonda, who was a famous actor), is a fantastic choice.

Jane demonstrates easy exercises with a chair and weights, and speaks with a positive, pleasant and clear voice. She also makes excellent eye contact during her videos, thus making a delightful experience.

Level 2 Workout- “Full Body” By Fitness Icon Jane Fonda

This is another video from Jane that deserves to be on this list. In her level 2 workout video, which is just slightly more challenging than level 1, Jane teaches you various full – body exercises that involve standing, arm and leg lifting, and lifting weights. These exercises help to strengthen your overall body, balance and endurance.

Level 3 Workout- “Core Workout” By Fitness Instructor Orla Pettman

For this slightly more ambitious workout designed to strengthen your core, you will need a soft mat to lie on. In this video, Orla Pettman is on the mat, starting out by lying flat on her back. As the video progresses, she changes her body position, flipping onto her hands and knees, then finally stands up and finishes the workout with a weight.

“15- Minute Low Impact” Workout- By HASfit

If you’re more interested in working out with a male fitness instructor, then “Hasfit’ is the right match for you. This video demonstrates a variety of different exercises on a reasonable level of difficulty.

“Balance Exercises for Fall Prevention”- By Grow Young Fitness

This is another video led by a male instructor, who uses the chair to help demonstrate the various exercises to the viewer. This video teaches you why balance is so important, and how to perform each exercise correctly.

And just like many other workout videos, the instructor also shows you an easier way if you’re having difficulty with a certain move. As a bonus, he throws in a nice, relaxing “post-workout” video with beautiful scenery that helps you cool down.

Final Thoughts

We may not be able to stop aging, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay in good physical shape. Quite the contrary. The more effort we put into our physical wellbeing, the longer we will look and feel fit.

Just like anything health related, never start any fitness routine without first checking in with your doctor to make sure that it’s safe and suitable for you. Workouts are not one size fits all. Therefore, it’s crucial that you get professional guidance beforehand.

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