Ophthalmologist Visit Costs For Seniors

Some people believe that the eyes are the window into the soul. Although they are beautiful and convey much emotion and intelligence, the solid fact is that most eye and vision related problems cannot be readily seen. That’s where an optometrist visit comes in.

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However, there are a number of eye conditions and diseases that commonly occur in the senior community that optometrists do not cover or look for in their eye exams, including glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration. For this reason, if you’re 65+ and have been experiencing changes, blurriness, pain or other issues with your vision, your primary care provider will likely urge you to schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist instead, and many will also be happy to provide you with a list of those he / she most highly recommends. Ophthalmologist specialize in diagnosing these specific diseases, and if you do have any of them, you will then be prescribed the treatment or procedure that’s most appropriate for you.

Ultimately, the total cost of the visit alone widely varies and depends on many factors. Overall, the cost can range anywhere between $50 – $250.


Helpful And Important Info Regarding The Opthamologist Visit

The eye exam may take between 30 minutes to one hour to complete. Based on the findings of the eye exam, your doctor may recommend vision correction by purchasing prescription eyeglass or contacts or surgical intervention, such as LASIK. Also, be advised that the visit does not usually include a fitting for eyeglasses or contacts, and if surgery is required, you will need to arrange a separate meeting with a specialist.

With that being said, below are some additional and significant factors that can have an impact on the total cost of your Ophthalmologist visit, along with certain organizations and ways in which seniors can further reduce the cost if found eligible.


If you have insurance that covers eye exams, this can save you a substantial amount of money by itself. Without this insurance however, you’d have to pay an average $200 or more out of your pocket. And if you still have to pay for other preventative care, this can become a pricey proposition.
There are quite a few insurance providers that help cover eye exams, such as Medicare Advantage and Mira.

Mira is not as well known as MA, but it still comes highly recommended by many for its affordable and fair health coverage options that charge as little as $45 per month on urgent care and preventive care services. Better yet, you also get an 80 percent discount on over 1,000 prescriptions, so it’s worth checking out.


Another factor that affects the cost is the region / location of the clinic. Nationwide, the cost of an eye exam in the middle and southern regions is typically lower than in other parts of the US. For example, comprehensive eye exams in the Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest averaged out at $90 or less, but were most expensive in the Northeast at about $112. Also, keep in mind that you will most likely have to pay more to a private Ophthalmologist clinic or office if you live in a high cost city.


The type of vision clinic you choose also has an impact on the total cost. On average, you can expect to pay less than $100 for an eye exam at a retail or vision center. A private office visit averages out at around $128 for an eye exam, but could be upwards of $250, depending on your location.

Explore EyeCare America

If you have no vision insurance whatsoever, then you can contact EyeCare America. EyeCare is a special organization that offers eye exam discounts to eligible seniors. So far, EyeCare has successfully partnered up with over 5,500 volunteer ophthalmologists across the nation to provide over 2 million patients with quality eye care at little to no cost. They offer two programs: The Seniors Program and the Glaucoma Program. You will be provided with a medical eye exam and one year of follow-up care for any conditions diagnosed during the initial exam.

Eligibility requirements: you must provide proof that you’re 65+ and not insured by any other provider.

Final Thoughts

Your eye and vision health is of vital importance. You need to be able to see clearly in order to drive, walk, type, watch movies, enjoy quality time with your friends and family, and so much more.

Therefore, if you and your doctor suspect that you may have a serious condition or disease, or it has already begun to develop, then do not delay. The longer it remains, the worse it will get and the more impact it will have on your day to day life. So, take action and make an appointment with your ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

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