Pickup Trucks Best For Seniors In 2022

America has a long time love affair with pickup trucks. Pickup trucks are perhaps the most iconic American vehicle next to a Cadillac. While these vehicles used to be associated with mostly rural and farm areas, today pickups are found almost everywhere, even in big cities.

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In addition to pickups being found almost everywhere, now all sorts of people own and drive them, including active seniors. Although the full name of these vehicles are pickup trucks, today’s pickups are much more like a nice SUV than a “truck” – especially as far as the passenger cabin is concerned. Also, modern pickups are as easy to drive as any larger car and don’t handle like a truck. It is no surprise that pickups are so popular.

A major advantage and attraction of pickups is their cargo and hauling capacity. Even a modest size pickup has more carrying capacity than most SUVs and larger cars. Plus, the cargo beds can be readily covered and enclosed – making for the equivalent of a gigantic trunk. This is especially attractive to seniors who like to take their bikes with them on outings or those who run a business. While there are numerous pickup models to choose from, only a few are really good for seniors, namely being “senior friendly”. Below is discussed what makes for a senior friendly vehicle, followed by the best pickup truck models for seniors in 2022.


Features Of a Senior Friendly Pickup

– Easy access: No matter how comfortable the pickup may be, it isn’t any good if it is a struggle to get into and out of it. Today’s pickups can come equipped with powered running boards to get you in and out of the pickup easily. Also, the doors need to be wide enough and open up enough for easy access.

– Comfortable and functional interior: In addition to comfortable and safe seats, the passenger cabin should be laid out in such a way that the controls are easily seen and operated. This includes the steering wheel, pedals, turn signals, etc.

– High visibility: The driver should have a large scale view towards the front and sides of the pickup, plus adequate view of the rear. This can be supplemented by cameras and sensors.

– Easy and accurate handling: As mentioned above, the pickup should not drive like a truck. The steering, braking and acceleration should be very responsive and accurate.

– Safety and Reliability: The pickup should be very highly rated as being safe, especially regarding collision avoidance and survival. Also, the vehicle should be easy to maintain and be dependable.

Below are listed the best senior friendly pickup trucks available in 2022.

Chevy Silverado

The Silverado is one of the best selling pickups in the country. While being usually labeled as a working man’s truck, it is very comfortable and practical for all sorts of drivers and purposes. It is also one of the best value pickups available, as it is packed with loads of standard equipment, even with the entry-level model. The Silverado can also be equipped with most of the above mentioned senior friendly features.

Dodge RAM 1500

The RAM 1500 has been rated as one of the overall best pickup truck models, for all drivers. It is rated with a Top Safety Pick + rating for the IIHS crash testing regulations, which make it superior as far as crash safety is concerned. It is especially senior friendly as it can be equipped with power deployable running boards and an electric tailgate for easy passenger and cargo access. Plus, the infotainment system is intuitive and the 1500 also offers great all-around visibility and the suspension is comfortable and so are the seats.

Ford F-150

This Ford is one of the best selling vehicles overall, not just pickups. The F-150 is lighter than most other models, improving comfort, agility, and fuel efficiency. It is also easily accessible thanks to all sorts of gadgets such as deployable running boards, and the driving position and the visibility are top-notch

Honda Ridgeline

This pickup model very much mimics a SUV in comfort and features. If overall comfort is more important to you than cargo and hauling capabilities, then the Ridgeline is a good choice. It is senior friendly with its refined chassis, easy to access design and also offering superior visibility all-around.

Toyota Tacoma

This senior popular model is a mid-size pickup that is more truck like than the Honda Ridgeline, but more comfortable than other larger size pickups. It is a popular choice with seniors because it’s so comfortable and refined. The driving position is very adjustable and the interior cabin is rather high-end without being too flashy or difficult to use. Plus, the Tacoma has one of the best engines of any senior friendly pickup.

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