Remote Jobs Best for Seniors

People are working longer in recent times and many seniors don’t want to be fully retired. They want to continue working – to make extra money, keep mentally active, for personal development and other reasons. However, going back to the “daily grind” of regular employment is not very appealing, or even practical, for many seniors.

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Most seniors, as well as other age groups, do not want to commute to work or stay all day in a crowded office. The type of jobs that are “remote work” used to be relatively rare and often would be fringe or undesirable. Thanks to the development and growth of the internet, in addition to the COVID epidemic situation, the number and desirability of remote jobs has increased tremendously.

A remote job lets you work from the comfort and safety of your own home and eliminates the hassles and expenses of commuting. These remote jobs are especially open to seniors, as these types of employers are looking for life experience, reliability and stability. The most common and reputable kinds of remote jobs are listed below.


Customer Service and Help Desk

Larger companies typically need a large number of workers who provide customer service and support services for their clients, often around the clock. They often staff these positions with remote workers, in order to reduce the need for office space (and the associated expenses), have workers available at all times and days of the week and to eliminate crowded working conditions. The remote workers are all connected via the internet and form what is a called a ‘virtual call center’. This means you will be physically alone, but you will not be working alone. There are two main types of virtual call center jobs.

The first is a customer service agent or representative. Here, you will assist customers regarding orders, shipments, billing, inquiries and related tasks. These tasks are conducted via phone, email and messaging (text chat). Sometimes you will interact with customers via a video call. Most of the time you will deal with inbound calls and messages, but sometimes you will be initiating the call.

The second type of job is providing customer or technical support, often called a ‘help desk’ position. And There are many “level 1” types of these jobs (first level of customer contact) and many employers will train you for these jobs. You will usually be interacting with customer regarding basic, simple technical issues and questions, often regarding the company’s website or products.

Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper

Almost all small and medium size of businesses need administrative (also known as secretarial) and bookkeeping tasks to be carried out. Many of these businesses have found it advantageous to hire remote workers for this. Often, these positions involve all sorts of ‘office work’ tasks, such as data entry, typing, sending out letters, calling clients, scheduling appointments, paying bills, basic bookkeeping and other related kinds of work. Sometimes, an employer will hire a remote worker just to be a bookkeeper, especially if you have prior experience and training in bookkeeping

Writer and Editor

The explosion in the number of web sites and social media sites has caused a resultant explosion in the need for writers and editors. There is a saying that “content is king” and all these sites need to keep publishing new content on an ongoing basis. Thus, the need for a large number of content writers and editors exists. Plus, the need is across all fields and subjects. Many of these employers will hire you on a remote basis and at an entry level, usually after passing a writing test. Higher paying jobs in this area are available if you have prior professional experience.

Teacher and Tutor

If you have prior experience or training as an educator, there are a multitude of remote, online teaching and tutoring jobs available. Many school districts are now hiring teachers of a variety of subjects to teach remotely. The highest demand is for teachers of math and science subjects. These jobs usually involve conducting classes via the internet, utilizing a distance learning computer platform. In addition to teaching experience or training, these employers also are looking for very good computer and internet skills.

Even if you aren’t a teacher, if you have a degree and or other credentials in certain fields, there are many remote tutoring jobs available. Often, these positions are with commercial online tutoring companies. These companies will provide you with clients (students) and the technical tools (and often technical training) and you just need to provide the actual tutoring work. Usually, you will be tutoring just one student at a time, but it can also include small group tutoring. The students can be from grade school to college level and also adults. The most in demand tutoring jobs are in math, science, accounting, finance, economics and computer related subjects and skills

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