Sneaky Signs That You Have A Plumbing Problem

Plumbing problems are a major pain and often a major expense. While most people avoid calling a plumber unless it’s really necessary, that may not be a wise decision. Yes, it costs money to call in a plumber, but it will definitely cost you a lot less if you fix a minor problem before it becomes a big one.

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By catching a plumbing problem early on, the repair and its cost will be smaller than if it turns into a major problem. In addition, a major problem can turn into a significant water leak or flooding problem. This in turn then will also cost you damages to your home and belongings. Therefore, it is a very smart idea to find out about and fix plumbing problems as early on as possible.

While detecting a plumbing problem early on isn’t always possible, there are some signs to look for that you have such a problem. We are talking about problems that can become major, not just leaky faucets or running toilets. If you find any of the below listed signs in your home, call a reputable plumber to come check it out as soon as possible.


Low Water Pressure and Slow Drains

Some homes have general low water pressure throughout the home and at all times. Also, it is not uncommon due to the plumbing or home design that the water pressure is lower in one sink only. However, if the water pressure becomes noticeably lower at every sink for any period of time, this is a sign of a potential problem. You should check with your neighbors to see if they’re also having the same problem – if so, it is probably a fault of the water company. But if they don’t and it lasts for more than a day, you should call in a plumber.

The same idea applies to how well your sinks are draining. If all of them start getting noticeably slower or even backing up, this again is a sign of a problem.

Wobbly Toilet

Here we are talking about the toilet fixture itself, not the toilet seat. Older toilets in older homes can start to become loose and wobble due to age and wear. Newer toilets in newer homes should not wobble. While such a wobble may be due to faulty toilet installation, it also can be a sign of water leakage coming from underneath the toilet. This in turn can cause the floor to warp and create the wobble. Such water leakage can cause serious damage if left unrepaired.

Unexplained Wet Floors or Carpets

Signs of accumulating water on your floors or carpets, where there was no liquid spill, can be a sign of trouble. Many homes have plumbing pipes that run under the floors and if they develop a leak, it can result in noticeable wet areas on the floor near the leak. If they get bad enough, this can cause significant water damage to your home.

Bubbling and Discolored Wall Paint and Wallpaper

The presence of bubbling paint on a wall or wallpaper almost always indicates a water leak. Sometimes such a leak can come from exterior water (such as rain or melted snow) coming into your home. If such signs become apparent when there was no recent rain or snow, then the culprit is probably a leaking pipe behind that wall. The same is true if your walls start showing ugly colored stains.

Strange Sounds

If you here strange noises coming from below the floor or behind the walls, it isn’t because your home is haunted. Hearing the sound, even faintly, of running or gurgling water or metal banging sounds all are signs of water leaks or problems with your pipes. This is especially true if the water sounds are present when no plumbing is being used and if the metal banging sounds only occur when you are using the plumbing.

Discolored Water

In older homes with older pipes, it is not uncommon for the water from faucets to be somewhat discolored, especially when the flow first starts. This can also happen if one of your sinks is older than the rest. But if you start getting noticeably different looking water from all of your faucets, this can be a sign of a plumbing problem. If this only happens with your hot water, then it is probably a problem with your water heater.

High Water Bill

If your water bill suddenly becomes much higher than normal, this can be a sign of leaking pipes. This is especially true if you see such an increase when it is winter – where less water is usually used by most people and when pipes can freeze and crack.

Running Water Meter

It is a good idea to once a month to check your water meter to detect plumbing leaks in your home. You do this by making sure absolutely no plumbing is being used in your home and then looking at the meter. If the meter is running showing there is still a flow of water, this means you have leaks somewhere in your home.

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