Superior Senior Mobility Aids

Even if we engaged in vigorous exercise in the past, our mobility, physical strength, and flexibility begin to diminish slightly as we age. Vision and balance and coordination typically begin to deteriorate concurrently. Approximately 40% of falls result in injuries, according to the CDC, which is quite alarming.

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Losing grip and having poor balance are the main causes of injuries among seniors. These situations frequently result in tripping or falling on the sidewalk, getting out of a car, or utilizing a flight of stairs without a side railing or anti-slip tape. Walking might be difficult in some situations due to past injuries or health concerns, thus taking another fall can exacerbate the situation. It’s crucial for elders to have some kind of mobility assistance when they start to feel anxious and unstable for all of these reasons and more, especially when they leave the house. Beyond that, maintaining an active lifestyle is good for our mental and emotional well-being in addition to being essential for our bones and joints. Mobility aids come in a multitude of varieties. Uncertain which one to purchase? We can assist you. Some of the greatest senior mobility aids that will make daily living much simpler are listed here.

Walkers with Rollators

Rollators are walkers with wheels that can assist you or a loved one in independently covering longer distances. Even better, you can store your shopping products and bag in the under-seat basket and use the built-in seat to relax on when you’re tired. Seniors who need help for their lower limbs but have adequate balance can benefit from this aid. For added stability and safety, rollators also feature handbrakes. The majority of the highly popular 3- and 4-wheeled rollators have seats, storage, and foldability.

Because of its strength and 300 lb weight capability, the McKesson 4-Wheel Rollator is especially well-liked. Both indoors and outdoors, movement is easy and smooth thanks to the 6-inch casters with soft grip tires. To ensure optimal safety, the deluxe loop-lock system effortlessly locks into a stationary position by sliding the handle downward. It functions similarly to a bicycle hand brake to slow down or momentarily stop the car.

The mean cost is $96.50.

Motorized Scooter

Elderly people who are unable to safely walk long distances on their own can use mobility scooters, which are electric-powered devices. They may be a little expensive, but they are definitely worth the additional cost because they last for a long time. They typically come in three- and four-wheeled variants and are quite easy to use. A tiller is used on mobility scooters to move the vehicle forward or backward. Additionally, they are an excellent option for elderly people who are unable to utilize walkers because of an impairment or damage to their arms or shoulders.

Pride Mobility’s Go-Go 3 Wheeler Traveler Elite Plus would be a great option. With the wrap-around grips on the Delta Tiller frame, those with carpal tunnel disease or arthritis can use the device with one hand. It can carry up to 300 pounds, reach a maximum speed of 4.25 mph, and go up to 14.5 miles at a moderate speed. It is also simple and quick to charge this mobility equipment because the charger connector is on the tiller.

The mean cost is $1,114.00.

A Bathtub Step Stool

There is a significant risk of slips and falls throughout the bathroom, particularly around the bathtub because it gets slick and damp after usage. Thus, a strong and durable step stool for the bathtub was made as a solution. Seniors may now enter and exit the bathtub much more easily and safely thanks to this step stool.

Step2Tub is a great safety solution for bathtubs that clamps onto the tub’s sides. It has two clamps for increased stability and steel grasp bars with cushioned foam padding. The shower step is also spacious and has a non-slip base. It also has a mechanism that allows you to modify the height of the grasp bars and legs. It can support up to 300 pounds and fits in the majority of tubs.

Cost on average: $189.00

A Bedside Step Stool

People often don’t think twice about bedroom safety until something goes wrong. The Step2Bed is a sturdy, premium steel step stool with wide-landing base, non-slip feet, and padded grasp handles—all useful and creative features that help prevent injuries. To ensure complete assistance when getting in and out of bed, you can adjust it to the height of your bed.

Even better, the motion-activated light is a wonderful addition that significantly increases the safety of using the restroom at night. Three sizes are available for the Step2Bed: Mini, Standard, and XL. Specifically, the Step2Bed XL features a larger landing base and can support up to 800 pounds.

Cost on average: $109.00

Residential Stairlifts

When it comes to elderly people who live in multi-story homes, a stairlift is invaluable. Seniors who struggle with balance can utilize stairlifts to securely navigate the stairs in their home instead of having to climb them and run the risk of getting hurt.

The track and the chair are the two parts of a stairlift. A significant portion of the total cost, including installation within your home, goes into the track itself. They might be outdoor, curved, or straight. The chair’s size and comfort are quite important. It has benefits such a swivel base, tilted back, foldability, and height adjustment, all tailored for your safety. An excellent stairlift with a high rating is the AmeriGlide Rubex AC Stair Lift.

Stairlifts are a costly investment, so be sure to speak with a specialist before choosing to have one installed. It may ease your mind to know that a lot of businesses provide Medicaid coverage, as well as special promotions, monthly payments, and other incentives. The stairlift will be fitted to your staircase precisely and tailored to your needs by authorized agents. (p

The mean cost is $2,545.00.

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