The 5 Best Storage Units Deals in Illinois

A storage unit is an invaluable asset when one needs to create some room back at home, planning some renovation works or needs safe storage for some items. Being spoilt of choice is an assurance while looking for the best storage units deals in Illinois.

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Illinois is the land of Lincoln and home to one of the most populous cities in the U.S. The state is also known for wide-open fields, small towns, big cities, and skyscrapers. The diversity makes the state perfect for doing business.
Best Storage Units Deals in Illinois

The best storage units deals in Illinois are an ever presence given the strong demand in the market. Looking for an affordable, safe, and reliable storage unit in Illinois? Well, look no further we’ve got you covered in all aspects.

Nothing is more convenient than dealing with a drive-up storage, let alone one that comes with advanced security features. Round-the-clock access and features that enable climate-controlled storage are some of the other perks that make the best storage units deals in Illinois stand out.
Below are some of the best storage options for anyone looking to rest assured that their belongings are well protected in a storage facility.

Best Storage Units Deals in Illinois: U-Haul

Best known as an international rental company aiding customers in moving, U-Haul has also carved a niche for itself in storage. Offering some of the best storage units deals in Illinois, the company offers different units suited for different purposes.

Security won’t be an issue while storing belongings with them as it offers maximum security via alarms, security, cameras, and electronic access. It also comes with fire sprinklers. Access to the storage unit is limited to authorized individuals.

Some of the units on offer are climate controlled, thus ensuring proper storage of climate-sensitive items. In addition to the indoor and outdoor storage facility, U-Haul also offers moving vans for those who need transport, affirming its credentials on the best storage units deals in Illinois.


StorageMart offers some of the best storage units deals in Illinois that are not only affordable but reliable. The company offers various unit sizes for storing anything from boxes to furniture, cars, and bicycles.
It also offers temperature-controlled storage units, ideal for storing items that are sensitive to temperature changes. Spacious and well-lit storage units accompanied by friendly on-site management makes it a trustworthy partner.
StorageMart storage units come with varying prices depending on location, unit size, and property amenities. However, the company does not charge any deposit fee while renting. It also offers discounts on a range of select storage units and does not impose any minimum length of stay.

Best Storage Units Deals in Illinois: Midway Storage

Midway is another top-notch provider of reliable storage solutions in greater Chicago. The company has storage units in almost all the biggest neighborhoods in the city, from Garfield Ridge to West Elson, Gage Park, and the Ford City Mall area. The company offers various unit sizes for storage to packing supplies. The storage units start from as small as 5’ x 8, ideal for contents from a small closet to 50 office file boxes. It also offers much bigger storage units such as 10’ x 30, ideal for the contents of a 4-to-5-bedroom house. A storage unit in the size of 14’ x 36 is also on offer for any looking for a boat or R.V. storage.
While offering some of the best storage units deals in Illinois, pricing starts from as low as $28 for the small storage units to $78 a month for much bigger units.

Chicago North Side Storage

For more than ten years, Chicago North Side storage has offered three storage facilities in the metro Chicago area. Therefore, it is best suited for anyone looking for business, residential, or even wine storage solutions Some of the amenities on offer include drive-up access for ground floor units and elevators for much higher floors. Round-the-clock surveillance through video is on offer as an added security layer. Additionally, it offers a free moving van to transport items to the facility.
Units are leased on a month-to-month basis with no security deposit. Charges for the units start from $46 a month for a 5’ x 5 unit with a roll-up door to $183 for a 10 x 11 unit in a premium location.

Best Storage Units Deals in Illinois: A Plus Chicago Movers

A Plus Chicago Movers has made a name for itself on the provision of the best storage units deals in Illinois for over 50 years. The company offers full-service moving and storage experience. Its solutions are perfectly suited for residential, business, long-distance, and student moving.
Palletized and container storage are available in plenty in climate and non-climate-controlled environments. It also offers state of the art warehouse facility secured by video as well as vault storage.

Bottom line

Illinois, one of the most populous states in the U.S., comes with a big pool of storage solutions. While there are many players in the business, it is important to settle on one that offers the best value for money while ensuring the utmost security to belongings.

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