The Benefits Of Laser Fat Removal

Removing stubborn areas of fat from your body poses a bothersome problem for many people. Even after successfully dieting and exercise, unsightly areas of fat can remain on your body. Usually the only effective way to rid yourself of this fat is to get treatment from a medical professional.

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One of the most known ways to remove such fat is by a technique called liposuction(Lipo). This treatment is actually a surgical procedure where the doctor physically removes the fat from inside your body. It is a serious medical procedure requiring hospitalization and a long recovery period. Many people don’t want or aren’t able to undergo such a treatment.

A more modern and appealing alternative treatment is called Laser Lipolysis (LL), commonly referred to as laser fat removal. This treatment involved the use of a laser to destroy and remove unwanted fat cells. For some types of patients and specific treatments, a similar procedure called Laser-Assisted Liposuction (LAL) is used. Here, a laser is still used, but is combined with a small incision to suck out the laser-melted fat cells. Both of these versions of laser fat removal are performed in a doctor’s office or clinic and are much less invasive than traditional liposuction. The major benefits of laser fat removal treatments are discussed below.


Safer and Less Painful

Regular Lipo requires full surgery under general anesthesia. Any kind of medical procedure requiring general anesthesia poses health risks. LL is completely non-invasive and requires no anesthesia at all. Even LAL only requires a local anesthetic, which is way less risky than general.

While Lipo involves an invasive procedure, LAL only requires a very small incision. Thus the procedure and the recovery period are much less painful than lipo. Also, the small incision poses a much lower risk of infection.

Broader Availability

Because Lipo is a full surgical in hospital procedure, less people medically qualify for the procedure. Virtually all types and ages of patients qualify to undergo LL and most will also qualify for LAL as well. This can be particularly beneficial for seniors or others with mild to moderate health conditions and those taking certain prescription medicines.

Convenience and Comfort

Both LL and LAL treatments are out patient (no hospitalization) procedures. They are both performed in a doctor’s office or clinic and typically take about an hour or even less to perform. Plus, while the recovery period for Lipo can be many weeks long; LL basically has no needed recovery period and LAL needs only a few days. This means much less time off from work and your daily tasks.

Quick and Effective Results

Laser fat removal treatment effectively breaks down unwanted fatty tissue, and then removes it. Because it is non or minimally invasive, the patient is able to see almost immediate desired results, that only become better as time progresses.

Reduces Sagging Skin

A surprising and major benefit is that laser liposuction promotes collagen production, which is a protein found in the skin that helps skin appear tighter. With the traditional liposuction procedure, some sagging skin may be left behind when the fat cells are liquefied and removed. Patients who have laser liposuction will notice more sculpted, toned areas and a greater overall contoured body appearance.

Less Expense

Medical insurance typically does not cover any kind of lipo procedure, unless the fat that needs to be removed is somehow life threatening or debilitating. In other words, lipo treatments, both laser and traditional are basically aesthetic in nature. Therefore, almost all patients will have to pay out of pocket. Needless to say, the hospitalization and aftercare costs required for traditional lipo is much higher than for LL or LAL. Also, since laser treatments require no or little recovery time, you will lose no or a small amount of pay due to time off from work.

Fast and Significant Emotional Gratification

Being able to see the positive and significant visual results almost right away is extremely psychologically beneficial for most patients. Also, since the visual results are usually fast and noticeable, the resulting compliments and positive remarks made by friends and family are most satisfying. While good results also come from traditional lipo, the extra pain and time involved dampen the emotional benefits.

Final Thoughts

Please keep in mind that both LL and LAL are not treatments to lose weight. Rather they are designed to remove areas of body fat that remain even after successful weight loss. Always consult and use properly licensed and experienced medical professionals regarding these or any other types of medical treatment procedures.

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