The Cost of Online Game Development Degrees In 2023

Playing video games in your free time is a great form of entertainment, and can help you unwind after a stressful day. In fact, studies have found that responsible gaming can actually enhance your mental sharpness. If games intrigue you, you should definitely consider earning a degree in game development.

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Whether you’re an avid and experienced gamer, or a novice who’s just getting started in this fun global community, there are a few reasons why studying game development would be a fantastic path for you to go on. For instance, if you have long been interested in how games are created step by step, then a course in game design will provide you with all the tools, knowledge and expertise that you need. It can also be especially helpful if you have a passionate dream of getting hired by a bonafide gaming company, or have the ambition to create your very own games one day.

The various essential jobs and departments that the gaming industry needs to fill in order to create and sell games successfully are always in high demand, such as character creation, animation, lighting, music scores and much more. Plus, the average annual salary for these jobs are pretty decent to boot. As of 2023, depending on the job, your qualifications and your experience level, you can potentially earn around $77,511 or higher, which is fairly high compared to other fields. With that kind of figure, the ever-growing popularity of video games and their booming sales, it’s easy to see why the gaming field is a winner. And now, you can obtain this valuable degree totally online, which is super convenient.

Game controllers at the ready. Listed below are some of the most cost effective, fully accredited and desirable online game development degrees being offered by major universities in 2023.

Game Development

California State University - Monterey Bay

Located in Seaside, California State University – Monterey Bay (CSU) offers top notch degrees for individuals looking to enroll in a competitive program. Their Bachelor’s in communication and game design provides a comprehensive and rigorous education that includes relevance to the industry.
With CSU’s online program, students get easy and user-friendly access to virtual classes and lectures by connecting with peers and school faculty in a highly supportive remote classroom environment.

The vital and advanced topics covered in these classes fully prepare students with crucial knowledge in game design, and significantly increases their future employment prospects through hands-on practice in experiential learning opportunities, such as internships and research projects. This institution also offers academic advising and career counseling that is very beneficial for student’s success. Regarding tuition costs, students can contact the financial aid office to discuss scholarships and other financial aid options.

Average Tuition:
In-State: $5,742
Out-Of-State: $17,622

University Of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore (UOB) offers a prestigious Bachelors in game simulation and design that provides a flexible yet thorough education in this fascinating field. In this online program, students are prepared for a career in game design, and receive all the tools they need to be successful. Both the basic concepts and more advanced topics are covered by the various classes in their broad and varied curriculum. Enrollees get to increase their industry knowledge with hands-on learning experiences, which strongly boosts their chances of achieving their career goals and aspirations.

UOB also offers Internships, externships, and applied research projects. Immensely helpful guidance is also available to students throughout the duration of the program, in which they can communicate with an academic advisor or career counselor at any time. To reduce tuition expenses, qualified applicants have the option to pursue funding opportunities, like scholarships and fellowships, from either internal or external sources.

Average Tuition:
In-State: $7,014
Out-Of-State: $19,374

University of Advancing Technology

Located in Tempe, Arizona, the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) provides top quality, fully online programs for students seeking competitive study, with 17 bachelor’s programs currently available. Their BA (Bachelor of Arts) in game design provides degree-seekers with invaluable knowledge and education in game design.

The game design program’s virtual classroom space lets participants connect with peers, professors, and other members of their distance learning community. UAT students are given complete coursework, covering foundational and advanced topics to gain knowledge relevant to the game design field. Learners will be able to pursue experiential learning opportunities, such as research projects and internships, in order to advance their competency for a career in game design. Plus, they will benefit from the academic advising and career counseling that they will be provided with. Financial aid officers are available for learners to provide info and guidance with funding opportunities that will help cut the tuition costs. Financial assistance at this university includes many different fellowships, scholarships and federal aid.

Average Tuition:
Both In And Out Of State: $15,823

Miami International University of Art & Design

If you’re interested in a flexible, online education in game design, you should consider the Bachelor of Fine Arts in game art and design provided by Miami International University of Art & Design. (MIU). This institution provides excellent resources that benefit its online learners, including a supportive remote community.

Students in this program gain industry knowledge through interactive classes, and the course curriculum covers both general and advanced game design topics that can be customized to the student’s preferences. Enrollees get the chance to supplement their learning through various learning opportunities, along with gaining first-hand knowledge and experience of what it’s like working in the game design field. They do this by completing research, internships, and externships.

The MIU admissions office can tell prospective students more about enrollment criteria. Additionally, students should also check with the financial aid office to see if they qualify for any funding and financial aid opportunities, such as scholarships and fellowships.

Average Tuition:
Both In And Out Of State: $19,260

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