Tire Coupons And Discounts For Seniors

While an automobile has many different parts and systems, one of the most important parts are the car’s tires. They may not be high-tech like a lot of the newer things in cars, but they are absolutely essential for the proper performance and safety of your car. Having properly functioning tires are important for drivers any age, including seniors.

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Even though you can extend the life of your tires by properly maintaining them (such as proper inflation, rotation and balancing), eventually they get worn out and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, getting a new set of tires is an expensive purchase. This can be a big dent in anyone’s budget, and especially for seniors living on a fixed income. To save money on this purchase, diligent shopping around is called for, as with any other important or expensive purchase. However, you don’t want to buy new tires from just any company, nor just based on the lowest price.

It is important when buying new tires that you purchase tires from a reputable and highly rated manufacturer, plus from a tire dealer that is also with a good reputation. Listed below are ways to save money on buying new tires from well respected manufacturers and dealers.


Tire Purchase Coupons

There are many places that sell tires, from local and small to nation-wide and large. Many of these tire sellers offer coupons periodically (some constantly), usually online or on advertising. The following tire sellers are places you can check for these coupons.

– Local Car Dealer: They make a good deal of revenue from their maintenance and repair operation. They will often offer coupons for tires and other
car services online.

– Firestone: This major tire company has auto service centers across the country.

– Goodyear: Another major tire manufacturer with nationwide car service centers.

– Tire Agent: This online seller of tires has a constant selection of coupons on a broad variety of tires.

Pep Boys Senior Discounts

Pep Boys is one of the largest auto service dealers in the country. Making customers their priority has contributed much to their success. At Pep Boys, seniors can save a ton off their tires thanks to exclusive senior discounts. Senior citizens who are 55 or older will qualify for a 10% discount off the price of their tires. No coupon or code is required, but you must have a valid ID to prove your age. Additionally, discounts may apply for retired army, marines, coast guard, national guard and air force men and women. They offer a wide selection of tires for nearly any type of vehicle, and if they don’t have it in-stock they can always order it for you. Plus they often offer a special deal when you buy three tires, you can get the fourth free on select tires.

STS Tire and Auto Centers

They are another great place for seniors to purchase their tires. Like Pep Boys, seniors must be 55 or older to qualify for a senior discount. The discount is for 5% and it comes with their membership program. Also, prices at STS are extremely affordable, with tires available for as low as $37. Plus, additional mail-in rebate offers are also available throughout the year, getting you up to $100 back on your tires. Another nice feature is that you are guaranteed the lowest possible price because STS will beat any advertised price. You can do a computer search for the tires you need in-store or online and get exactly what you need.

Peerless Tires 4 Less

Peerless Tires offers incredible discounts and incentives that every senior will appreciate. Seniors age 62 and older will qualify for a 10% discount on all tires, batteries, and wheels. With locations across the country, any senior can get in on this discount and start saving big. You must have a valid ID or driver’s license to qualify for the discount. Offering your favorite brands like Firestone, Bridgestone, and Hankook, they also offer some lesser known brands that are even more affordable. Seniors with an AAA membership can save even more with exclusive discounts offered. Plus, a very nice feature for senior drivers is that all tires come with free rotation, repairs, and inspection to provide welcome customer convenience and to ensure long-lasting tire safety and performance.

Other Discount Tire Dealers

The large warehouse style membership stores all offer tire and car maintenance services at most of their locations nationwide. If you already are a member of one of these (Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Club), you should definitely check them out for the deals that they offer on tires. If you aren’t or don’t want to be a member of these stores, then another good option is to check if a local Walmart has a tire and car service center, as they usually offer low prices and good service.

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