Top 5 Car Insurance Options in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina plays host to the best car insurance providers. In this article we will discuss top 5 car insurance options in North Carolina.

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The state of North Carolina plays host to the best car insurance providers. In this article, we will discuss top 5 car insurance options in North Carolina. Compulsory car insurance is imposed, and if found driving without any insurance cover, you risk possible withdrawal of your license. Obtaining cover from the best car insurance providers in North Carolina assures you of compensation on medical expenses incurred and car repairs, if any, in case of an accident with an uninsured driver. Though optional, you can choose to acquire comprehensive medical and collision coverage.
Car Insurance Options in North Carolina


A comprehensive coverage takes care of theft and damages arising from fire, vandalism, riots, terrorism, and acts of nature. If you obtained your vehicle through bank financing, the lender is interested in protecting and may insist on comprehensive insurance from the best car insurance companies in North Carolina.
A medical cover takes care of medical treatment and funeral expenses resulting from an accident. It is immaterial where the blame lies for the accident. The insurer will pay your medical and those of your passengers under this arrangement.
A collision cover serves to repair your damaged vehicle as a result of a collision with an object or another vehicle.

How To Car Insurance Providers in North Carolina determine Their Rates

The best car insurance companies in North Carolina use the following parameters to set their rates:
The type of car
Driving discipline
Past driving history
Your credit assessment
Your profession or occupation
Your age bracket
Marital status
Type of cover applied for

Full Coverage Insurance

Geico car insurance company offers the cheapest full insurance cover. Erie Insurance comes second, and North Carolina Farm Bureau is the third option.
Minimum Policy
North Carolina Farm Bureau provides the best minimum policy. Other companies offering low rates are Erie, Geico, and State Farm.
Full Cover For Drivers with Accident History
If you have previous accident history where you carried the blame, then you qualify for higher premiums. Despite this, Erie Insurance is preferably cheaper. North Carolina Farm Bureau is the second best.

Coverage for Driver with a Speed Ticket

North Carolina Farm Bureau is a cheaper option if you have ever been booked for a speed violation.
Drivers with DUI tickets
If you have ever been suspected of driving while drunk or high on drugs, be sure to fork higher premiums. You can, however, count on North Carolina Farm Bureau to offer the best rate despite your offense.
Drivers with Poor Credit Score
The credit score is used to determine your likelihood of meeting financial obligations. Insurance companies factor this to determine your character, especially in terms of claims. If you are listed negatively with credit bureaus over a bad debt, the providers avoid you as they try to minimize future claims.
Progressive does not read much into this and offers rates similar to those with good credit ratings.
Married Drivers
Ordinarily, married drivers pay the same premiums as do unmarried people. You can get a better option through Erie Insurance.
Young Drivers
Are you a novice? Then your rates are naturally high. Under this category, Geico is the best in full liability insurance, while State Farm and North Carolina Farm Bureau have cheap rates for minimum liability insurance.

Summary of the Top Car Insurance Options

1. North Carolina Farm Bureau
local car insurance provider
good customer service
basic coverage
good discounts
Operates through independent agents.
You cannot access a quote or process a claim online.
2. Geico
Has a good national coverage.
Low rates.
Popular and appeals to most people.
3. Erie Insurance
Good performance
Low rates
Provides well packaged comprehensive coverage
4. State Farm
Low rates
Straight forward claims system management by use of a mobile app
Offers a lot of discounts
5. Progressive
Several discounts available
Flexible with several add-ons
Excellent online apps
Accommodates risky drivers
Fewer recorded complaints and disputes.

Types of Car Insurance Discounts

Having multiple arrangements with the same insurer
Accident-free driving
Safety features such as airbags
Defensive driving skills
Full payment of policy attracts discounts, unlike periodic installments.
Good grades student discount applies to outstanding student drivers
Loyalty to one provider. This is where you have given repeat business and hold several covers.


The minimum liability is often a formality taken to meet statutory regulations on insurance. Whereas minimum insurance compensates the other party, you may be left staring at huge bills for your repairs and medical expenses. Your preferences inform the decision to settle on the best car insurance option in North Carolina. It could be low rates, the coverage range, or customer service. It is prudent to obtain maximum cover rather than the minimum liability requirements to cushion your finances in case of a major accident. These extra covers are optional but important. The rates are influenced by the car you drive, your age, driving discipline, and credit history.

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