Top 5 Creams for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a very unpleasant, auto-immune skin condition. It causes red, itchy and flakey skin patches, also known as scales. It is caused by an overactive immune system, where the skin cells multiply faster than they normally should.

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Psoriasis can develop in many areas of the body, such as your eyebrows, elbows, torso and others. But the most common area that gets afflicted is the scalp, which many would agree is the most irritating case, because it often leads to hair loss. But fortunately, the hair follicles do not get affected, thus it is possible to regrow the hair.

Causes of Psoriasis

The initial causes of psoriasis that develops on certain areas of the body is unknown. Its symptoms range from mild to severe, the itch tends to come and go periodically, and unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition. However, dermatologists have conducted various studies and found several possible links, such as your genetics, environmental factors, stress, dietary imbalances, etc.

If your case is severe, you will need to make an appointment with your skin doctor. However, severe cases are not as common as mild to moderate cases. If your psoriasis is mild to moderate, you may find significant relief in the many different products that are available on the market, such as creams and shampoos, which are very helpful with reducing the itchiness, pain, and redness on your skin. Creams are usually the most affordable treatment, plus you can purchase them over the counter.

In addition to this, there are several other ways/habits that can help you manage and relieve your symptoms, such as using skin moisturizers, reducing your exposure to sunlight, taking showers and baths frequently, adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, reducing stress and eliminating smoking and drinking from your daily routine.

Listed below are the top five creams that fight psoriasis, approved and proven to be effective, according to professional dermatologists.

Curél Hydratherapy Itch Defense Wet Skin Moisturizer

This product is best for those who suffer from intense itching. Most people who suffer from Psoriasis agree that the itching is the worst part about this condition, because it creates an urge to scratch the area, which can make it worse and cause flakes of skin to get everywhere.

Curel Hydratherapy offers a soothing, medicinal cocktail, enriched with Oatmeal Extract, Vitamin E and a Ceramide Complex, all of which provide your skin with significant relief. It also helps to promote healing and repairs your skin.

Typical online price: 24$

Gold Bond Ultimate Multi-Symptom Psoriasis Relief Cream

As its name suggests, Gold Bond Ultimate provides you with multi-symptom relief of Psoriasis, plus it contains 3% of a top-notch ingredient called salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps to break down those pesky skin patches and scales. This product is also very affordable, so there is no need to conserve it.

Typical online price: 10$

Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Nourishing Balm

If you’re suffering from a double whammy combination of Psoriasis and extremely dry skin, Bioderma Atoderm Intensive is a top pick. Apart from itch relief, it also provides fast and deep skin hydration, and helps to repair the damaged skin barrier of the afflicted areas.

Typical online price: 25$

Dove DermaSeries Fragrance-Free Skin Balm

This product from dove is specially made to treat Psoriasis on the elbows. It contains a great petroleum jelly blend, also known as Vaseline, that penetrates the thick skin on your elbows. Its also non-greasy, so your elbows won’t get all slippery.p>

As a bonus, due to the fact that it is fragrance-free, this product is also suitable for those who are prone to allergic reactions as well.

Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo

For those who suffer from scalp psoriasis, rejoice and have no fear. Neutrogena is here for you. Yes, while it may not be a cream, it is by far the top pick of dermatologists for treating scalp psoriasis, so we decided to include it on the list. Besides, who would want to put cream in their hair?

What makes Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo so great? It contains coal tar, which is an FDA-approved ingredient that fights skin inflammation and reduces skin cell growth, which reduces scales and itch simultaneously.

It may be a bit pricier than other products, and some may not like the smell of coal tar, but overall, it’s an excellent product that has proven to be very effective. So, it is well worth every penny.

Typical online price: 30$


Psoriasis is not only a nuisance to live with every day, but it can also damage your self esteem and be quite embarrassing in some cases. But not to worry, these treatments will make your symptoms much less noticeable, reduce the severity and will make you feel so much better.

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