Top 6 Medicare-Covered Lift Chair Stores in Michigan

As people age, lift chairs are becoming a vital accessory at home, especially for people struggling with mobility issues. While the equipment can cost a fortune, Medicare-covered lift chair stores in Michigan offer some of the best deals.

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A lift chair is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who needs help getting in and out of a chair due to life changes such as ageing, arthritis or mobility issues. While the equipment costs hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, having Medicare coverage can make a big difference. Additionally, there are plenty of Medicare-covered lift chair stores in Michigan that offer high-quality products at affordable prices.
6 Medicare-Covered Lift Chair Stores in Michigan

Contrary to perception, Medicare does not cover all lift chair costs. There are also eligibility requirements that one must meet to qualify for one. For instance, one must have a Medicare Part B or a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Part B caters for the lifting mechanism of a lift chair. With Medicare Part B, you will need to meet the deductible, which is about $200.

Additionally, one must obtain a prescription from a physician

A lift chair seat mechanism is another crucial factor when selecting lift chairs. A lift mechanism must be recommended if a Medicare-covered patient has severe arthritis or issues with the hip or knee. One may also be considered if they are utterly incapable of standing from a regular chair.

Top Medicare Lift Chair Stores in Michigan

Shan Medical
Shan Medical is a one-stop shop for lift chairs in Michigan for anyone who needs assistance changing positions or relieving some pain or discomfort while sitting down. As one of the best Medicare-covered lift chair stores in Michigan, it offers an array of lift chairs tailored to various needs. Its lift chairs are designed to make it easy to transition between sitting and standing with an added touch of safety and comfort.

The lift chairs are adjustable to different angles, making it easy to sit at a comfortable angle that can relieve tension and pain. In addition, its lift chairs come with added features such as heat and massage settings suited for anyone looking to enhance blood circulation while sitting or releasing pain in tight muscles.

Mi Med
For residents of Waterford, Michigan, Mi Med is an ideal partner for anyone looking for reliable power lift chairs to address any mobility restrictions or injuries. All its chairs come equipped with a motor, therefore able to tilt up, forward and to any angle with the press of a button. Additionally, the chairs are tailored to help users achieve a standing position without any strain.

Its section of lift chairs comes from trusted brand Golden Technologies which affirms its credentials as a top-notch Medicare-covered lift chair stores in Michigan on quality.

Mobility City
Mobility City, with a showroom in metro Detroit, offers an array of lift chairs designed for comfort and mobility while at home. Whether you are looking for a lift chair that offers a perfect spot for reading, watching TV, or standing, these providers got you covered.

As one of Michigan’s Medicare-covered lift chair stores, it offers a broad selection of lift chair brands. Its selection includes Pride Lift and Golden lift chairs. The provider also offers flexible lift chair rental services from daily to long-term rentals.

Comfort Center
Comfort Center claims to carry the largest selection of lift chairs in Northern Michigan. Its selection is designed for comfort and convenience for people who struggle to transition from sitting to standing. Additionally, they come with an added feature such as massage capability, ideal for people who like to loosen up tightened muscles.

The section comes in various styles and colours, and fabrics. Likewise, you can always find lift chairs in different shapes and sizes at the company’s store.

Saginaw Medical Services
Saginaw Medical services offer a wide range of solutions for people with physical impairments or mobility issues. It specializes in distributing products that enhance the lives of the disabled, allowing them to live an independent life.

Consequently, it offers six series and dozens of models of lift chairs with an optimal combination of size, weight capacity and other options. Furthermore, every chair on offer is crafted at a state-of-the-art facility and backed by the best warrant while relying on the smoothest and most secure lifting system.

Sleep Solutions
It offers some of the most affordable lift chairs assembled in the US. Whether you are looking for a motorized lifting mechanism chair to an ergonomic design, Sleep Solutions has got you covered. Its solutions come in different fabrics, leather and suede. Some chairs are stain resistant.

It stands out as one of the top Medicare-covered lift chair stores in Michigan, as it also offers lift chairs that include infrared heat and back massage. The chairs can also recline to different angles for health conditions such as spinal alignment.

Bottom Line

The type and quality of lift chairs one settles on can make a big difference in addressing any underlying mobility issues. Medicare-covered lift chair stores in Michigan are some of the best for anyone conscious about quality and cost.

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