Top Rated Bottled Waters In The USA

Clean and drinkable water is essential for the survival and health of all living things on Earth. Bottled water brands may have the same taste and texture to some people, but if you look at their individual labels carefully, you’ll find that there are actually a number of subtle differences.

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For instance, some bottled waters contain a higher percentage of alkaline, electrolytes, fluoride, ph level or mineral content than others. Some brands get their water directly from a natural source rich in minerals, such as mountains and rocky rivers, and others are enriched artificially. Others are heavier or lighter, or have an afterbite. Believe it or not, some brands are even healthier for your kidneys. All of these traits can affect the overall taste, health benefit and texture of the bottled water you choose to drink, for better or for worse. Moreover, not all bottled water brands are eco-friendly, others sell their water in not – so – smart designs- Some have caps that are hard to open, others are a challenge to hold on to when you’re out and about, especially if your trying to keep up with your family or friends on a hiking trip during a hot day.

With so many options available, how can you tell which brands of bottled water are really worth drinking on a regular basis? Listed below are some of the top rated bottled water brands in the USA.


Essentia - Ionized Alkaline Water

The bottled water from Essentia Water is an excellent product in almost every way. It’s safe, clean and delicious. The water is energized and ionized, then filtered using a specially patented method that cleanses Essentia’s water up to 99.9% purity. This means that virtually all the harmful metals, chlorine, fluoride, germs, and other microbes are removed. The end product is a super refreshing bottle of aqua that fulfills all the important EPA, FRA, and IBWA drinking water regulations. The pH balance is 9.5 or above.

Essentia Water bottles can be found in a range of sizes and lids. The 12-ounce twist-top bottle is by far the best selling option. It’s the perfect size for your lunch box, zippered bag, or workout bag. Plus, they are BPA and phthalate-free. Although it may not be as cheap as other brands on the market, the price is very reasonable, given the high standards of the product.

FIJI Natural Artesian Water

Next up is FIJI Natural Artesian Water. In terms of flavor, this is, hands down, the best bottled water available. Fiji Natural has a gentle, almost creamy-like flavor that will relieve your thirst and keep you well hydrated, thanks to the very pure and natural water source- Straight from a subterranean artesian reservoir in the islands of Fiji, which is located in the South Pacific.

Tropical rain passes gradually through the rock formations of the island before entering the aquifer. As a result, the water is naturally imbued with organic silica and electrolytes, making it a superb choice for significant hydration. Its water contains a pH level of 7.5, natural minerals and electrolytes. It’s also accessible in BPA-free bottles in a variety of sizes for any possible scenario. Two thumbs up.

Evian Natural Spring Water

Evian is widely regarded as an upmarket brand that has won praise from individuals around the world. It is known for its pure and smooth water, as well as its classic and modest bottle logo.

Evian’s natural spring water contains minerals that are gently and gradually collected during a 15-year trip, starting from the beautiful Alpine highlands, which gives it a unique taste. Plus, Evian is the officially approved winner of the Water Wimbledon Championships.

Better yet, they’re bottles are comprised of 50% recycled plastic, and are suitable for recycling over and over again. By 2025, Evian’s goal is to manufacture bottles out of 100% recycled plastic. The bottle shape is also unusual and attractive. If you enjoy a highly mineral taste, this is the water for you.

Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water

Iceland is known for its many gushing water springs that are rich with essential minerals, such as magnesium. Even after ABV-InBev bought a large part in Icelandic Glacial in 2007, the firm has consistently received outstanding environmental ratings ever since. The enterprise was the first to be designated as carbon-neutral, using fully recycled packaging and branding. In 2021, the business produced more alternatives and ecologically friendly forms, and was transparent regarding its different credentials and third-party accreditation bodies on its site.

This is a perfect choice for those who want bottled water high in ph levels and are deeply committed to the health and protection of the environment.
Consumers can choose either BPA-free or glass bottles. It also comes in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements. Additionally, the variety of tastes available in Icelandic Glacial’s natural spring water line is also a big plus, such as Elderflower, Tahitian Lime, and Sicilian Lemon.

Final Thoughts

As you now have seen- although all water on earth may look the same when it’s clean, it’s a crystal clear fact that water, bottled or not, can taste different, depending on its particular mineral compounds, the percentages of those compounds, and anything else that may be added into it.

Lastly, it’s highly recommended to only drink water from a known and trusted company. If you’re out in nature, first boil the water and filter it. Tainted/contaminated water that hasn’t been purified of harmful bacteria and metals can make you life threateningly ill.

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