What Are Public Homeschool Options

Due to the ever increasing, serious problem of bullying, overcrowded classrooms, reduced quality of education and security threats at school campuses, it’s easy to understand why many parents are seeking better schooling options for their children. Fortunately, public homeschooling provides a way to get the best of both worlds.

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Homeschooling has been gaining popularity over the years, with many families seeking alternatives to traditional education. While homeschooling is often associated with private education, there are also public homeschool options available. The main benefit of public homeschooling is that it provides families with essential flexibility, while still being supported and regulated by the standard public education system.

Beyond that, it also reduces or all but eliminates serious problems such as bullying, poor quality education, safety concerns and more. With today’s internet and technology, it’s really no wonder that more and more parents and their kids are choosing improvements and alternatives for their educational success.

In this article, we will lay out the various public homeschool options to choose from, along with their features, overall suitability and availability.


Online Public Schools

These types of schools are a popular choice for families seeking flexibility and personalized education. They provide curriculum and resources online, allowing students to learn from the comfort of their homes. Some notable examples of online public schools include K12, Connections Academy, and Insight School.

Online public schools offer a wide range of courses, including core subjects, electives, and even Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Students typically have access to certified teachers who provide support and guidance through virtual classrooms, email, or phone. Students are also provided with laptops, textbooks, and other necessary materials.

Such schools are suitable for families who desire a structured curriculum, yet with the flexibility of homeschooling as well. They are available in many states across the country, and offer various grade levels, making them accessible to a wide range of students.

Charter Schools

This is another excellent option for families interested in public homeschooling. Charter schools operate independently, but still receive public funding. They typically have a specific educational focus or philosophy, such as STEM, arts, or Montessori. These schools often offer a blended and effective learning approach, by combining online coursework with in-person instruction. <p. One example of a charter school with a homeschooling option is the California Virtual Academies (CAVA). CAVA provides students with an online curriculum and the option to join in-person activities, such as field trips and extracurriculars. They also offer support from certified teachers and provide families with educational materials.

Charter schools are suitable for families who want a specific educational approach or focus, as well as the freedom to customize their child’s education. Availability may vary, depending on the state and district.

Hybrid Homeschooling Programs

Hybrid homeschooling programs offer a unique package of homeschooling and traditional school settings. These programs typically involve students attending a physical campus for a few days a week, and assignments the remaining days. This allows for ample social interaction and collaboration with peers, while still providing the flexibility of homeschooling.

One example of a hybrid homeschooling program is the University-Model School (UMS). UMS combines classroom instruction with homeschooling to create a flexible and personalized learning experience.

Overall, this model is very suitable for families who want a balance between traditional schooling and homeschooling. Availability may vary, depending on the location and the specific program.

Homeschooling Charters

Homeschooling charters are public schools that provide resources, support, and oversight to families who choose to homeschool. These charters often offer enrichment classes, field trips, and other activities to supplement homeschooling. Families work with a credentialed teacher who guides them through the homeschooling process.

One example of a homeschooling charter is the River Springs Charter School in California. They offer a personalized learning approach, allowing families to choose their curriculum and teaching methods. In addition to academic support, they provide resources such as science kits, art supplies, and educational software.

This option is suitable for families who want the freedom of homeschooling but also desire support and resources from a public school. Availability may vary depending on the state and district.

Independent Study Programs

Independent study programs provide a flexible learning environment, allowing students to work at their own pace. Students typically meet with a teacher regularly to discuss progress and receive guidance.

One example of an independent study program is the Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA). IDLA offers a wide range of online courses and allows students to work on assignments at their own pace. They provide certified teachers who offer support and feedback to students.

Such programs are suitable for families who want a self-paced learning experience and the flexibility to create their own schedule. Like many of the public homeschooling options, the availability depends on the state and district.

Final Thoughts

When considering the progressive path of public homeschooling, it is important to first research and consider the suitability and availability of each option based on individual needs and preferences. By fully exploring the different public homeschool options available, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the best fit for your homeschooling journey. Here’s to a successful education and a brighter future for all!

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