Where To Find Oil Change Coupons in 2023

Even if your car is in perfect working order, it needs to have regular, periodic oil changes. As a matter of fact, regular oil changes are a major way to keep your car in perfect working order. Therefore, most car owners are looking for ways to save money on these oil changes.

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An old but tried and true way to save money on all sorts of purchases is with coupons. These used to be mostly relegated to grocery shopping and consisted of printed paper coupons that shoppers would find, cut out and bring to the supermarket with them. Nowadays, there are coupons for all sorts of things. However, most of them are online and are digital rather than paper and/or utilize a discount code.

This situation also applies to oil changes and other car maintenance services. Many types of auto repair facilities offer oil change coupons to bring in new customers to their facility. These range from a small local garage to large nationwide oil change chains and tire stores. Below are listed some examples of who offers these coupons and what kind of deals you can get with them.


Local Auto Dealers

Local auto dealers make a good amount of their profit from car maintenance and repair services. Most of them, especially the American car brand dealers, will offer coupons of some sort for oil changes and other services on their websites. Also, many of these dealers will provide you with coupons on the spot when you bring in your car for service if you ask for them.

Tire and Muffler Shops

Most of these businesses also do oil changes, as a service and to bring in new customers for their main line of business. This applies to local independent shops to branches of large chain operations.

Oil Change Businesses

Oil changes are such a big business that there are many companies that specialize in it, from small local operations to branches of large national chains. Some of these will be listed below.

Auto Clubs and Auto Insurance Companies

Regional and national auto clubs offer all sorts of discounts to their members, including car services such as oil changes. Check your auto club’s website to find these. Auto insurance companies that offer road service and repair services also may provide online coupons for oil changes, so check their websites also.

Examples of Oil Change Coupons

– AAA: Online code coupon for 15% off at participating facilities

– Jiffy Lube: Online code coupon for $15 discount on their Signature Service

– Jiffy Lube: In-store coupon for $15 discount on a synthetic oil change

– Valvoline Instant Oil Change: In-store coupon for $10 discount on an oil change plus 20% discount on additional services

– Pep Boys: In-store coupon for $20 discount on a Pennzoil Platinum oil change

– Firestone Complete Auto Care: In-store coupon for a Quaker State oil change for $29.99

– Tires Plus: In-store coupon for $15 discount on a Full Synthetic oil change

Final Thoughts

The above places frequently add new types of deals and coupons, so check with them often. Always shop around before you get an oil change, as it is a very competitive business. Also, check if any coupons you find and like are still current.

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