Why Seniors Should Become Nurses

There was a time when the older you get the less important you will be in jobs. This was a general and may still hold in some professional fields. It is however a different case in the nursing field.

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Some people think or assume nurses are less important in the medical profession. This assumption is wrong for various reasons. One of these reasons includes the interaction with patients on a personal level to enhance their physical and mental health treatments. The services nurses provide are known to support the doctor’s effort on patients. Hence, they make up part of the backbones in the medical profession.

Qualities Of A Good Nurse

The administration of patient care by nurses may appear simple. In which all you will be required to do is to graduate from college. However, it goes beyond money and a job when a life is at risk. Hence, there are various qualities that a nurse must have to be reliable in the profession as a whole. To be a good nurse you should have these qualities.

The nurse must be:

– Empathic, because they are exposed to a number of patients struggling for their lives. Hence, being compassionate towards patients could serve as a placebo

– Have good communication skills. This is one of the most important factors employers consider before employing a nurse. Nurses are required to take the place of patients in communicating with their families and with the patients too. In addition to this, a good nurse would advocate for the patient and call on medical attention should there be any cause for concern

– Detail-oriented irrespective of how busy or hectic the day’s task might be. This quality can be seen in the medication doses and how well the nurse keeps accurate records.

Although there are several other qualities that define a good nurse, they originate from these qualities. However, in order to have these qualities, you must take nursing as a desire rather than as a mere job for income. Hence, older people are the most preferable set of people for the post of nurses.

Reasons Why Senior Nurses Are Beneficial In Medical Fields

Most people will say “the more agile a person is the better they are for a job.” This however could be true but in jobs like nursing, it is different. In most cases, older nurses appear to be more beneficial in medical fields than younger nurses. The reasons why senior nurses are beneficial in the medical profession include the following:

– Free time and focus
– Experience
– Training
– They do not leave the job
– Teamwork

Free Time And Focus

Older nurses, especially those above fifty years of age have more free time. This is primarily because they have enjoyed most of the time-consuming fun like brings. They also do not have any child to care for because most of their kids are grown and can cater for themselves. On the contrary, young Registered nurses are just starting to enjoy or face what life brings.

This will make young nurses stressed out in trying to balance life with their jobs. They will however struggle with free time in the process; hence, they will never be focused. Furthermore, senior nurses are more dedicated to their jobs when you consider this factor.


There is a saying that goes thus, “knowledge is an essential key for various jobs.” This knowledge mostly encompasses how experienced a person is to be precise. Although younger nurses have studied and developed their knowledge in their medical profession, they can not compete with older nurses in terms of experience.


Most people usually assume that they must have been in the nursing field earlier in life before they can be one later in life. Meanwhile, it is not always the case because the experience factor highlighted above would be in their favor. However, apart from the experience factor, they can understand more about the profession via online training.

They Do Not Leave The Job

One of the most important benefits of senior nurses is that they stay on the job. Although the nursing job is one of the very few jobs that people do for life, not everyone does it for life. Young nurses, especially, find it easy to leave their job to explore other fields for various reasons. In addition to this, several factors, such as family issues might be responsible for them quitting the nursing job.

However, if older people switch to a nursing field, they will remain in the job until retirement. This is primarily because they have tried several jobs and faced the various challenges most young nurses are currently experiencing.


In the nursing profession teamwork is a watchword. Even though nurses in most cases work alone in crucial scenarios in OR, teamwork is still a watchword that helps improve patient’s health. Since most seniors have families of their own that only survive by teamwork, they would not have any problems with the nursing profession.

In most cases, younger nurses look up to them as leaders. Even though this factor may appear redundant to the hearing stages of patients, it plays a crucial role that a single nurse would not accomplish alone.

The general quote of “the older you become the less you are fit for a job” is however not a fact. If it were to be a fact it would have effects on all professional fields. Meanwhile, it is not the case in all situations, especially in the nursing profession where older people are more beneficial than younger nurses. This is however proven by the several factors highlighted above for the best interest of the patients’ health.

Old age does not render one useless to work but acts as a favor in a job hunt, especially in the nursing profession. The experience they have had with real-life events and the free time they will have may be the most essential reason seniors should become nurses. Therefore, you should not be worried about not getting employed due to old age but feel favored.

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Why Seniors Should Become Nurses

There was a time when the older you get the less important you will be in jobs. This was ...

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