12 Best Mattress Stores in California

Looking for the best mattress stores in California directs you to hundreds of mattress stores. In addition, you also encounter pushy salespeople competing to get your business. This article lays out what to look for when purchasing a mattress from a brick-and-mortar store. Of course, your choice eventually boils down to where you live.

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You can get from the best mattress stores in California offers of financing, discounts, free trials, and warranties. While at the store, you need to focus on the product’s suitability by trying out its properties and checking out the store’s return policies. The State of California has several opportunities for mattress vendors. If going for quality, it is prudent to look out for Diamond Certified Stores from online reports. You can also choose stores with professional salespeople and comfortable showrooms for testing.

Mattress stores are classified as per the below criteria:

Mattress Specialty Stores only sell different mattresses from several companies under one roof. They have no attachments or promotions of any brand.
Department/Furniture Stores offer under one roof different luxury mattresses and sleep accessories from several companies. Here, you can get a broad selection of brands.
Big Box Stores stock a broad range of brand mattresses, sleep accessories, and bed frames.
Direct from Company stores are showrooms provided by some online companies for trying out their mattresses. These are makeshift stores for only testing purposes.

A Preview of the Best Mattress Stores in California

Los Angeles Mattress Stores – Koreatown: With a broad range of bedroom products on offer, Los Angeles Mattress in Koreatown is conveniently positioned for your shopping experience and an ample parking space near the showroom at the corner of Western Ave 2nd Street. You can get an excellent selection of hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses.

Sit ‘n Sleep: At their stores in Fairfax, you will find valuable assistance from their experts who assess your needs and budget before recommending a suitable option. It ranks highly because of its quality products and exceptional customer service.

Mattress Central: Located in Downtown (439 A Broadway), Mattress Central has merchants who understand their products hence excellent customer service. It provides quality mattresses and allows financing by installments.

Sacramento Valley Mattress (4160 14th Ave) manufactures its standard and custom-made mattresses. You can get cheap factory prices coupled with excellent service at their plant in Northern California.

Outlet Mattress Center is a family business that thrives on a broad selection of mattresses and bed accessories. It offers affordable mattresses. It has remarkable customer service and a crazy hard-to-beat incentive of a free mattress under its price-matching policy.

Mattress Firm: With shops in Westfield Mission and Mission Valley East, it stocks a broad selection of quality branded mattresses. Their mattresses come with a sleep trial of 120 nights in addition to the company’s price match guarantee.

Walmart: It stocks a range of affordable mattresses, including its brand. If you require an entire set, you can take advantage of its ” bundle and save” options, including a bed and mattress.

Budget Furniture Outlet: Here, you get personalized service from the local company that understands the local needs. If you are on a budget, you can challenge the owner to beat any competitor’s price.

Essential Sleep -Natural Mattress & Bedding Gallery deals with natural mattresses made of wool, fiber, latex, and cotton. All their products have non-toxic certification. In addition, you can order a custom-made mattress.

McCloskey Mattress Company is located in Northern San Francisco. The store deals with high-quality hand-made mattresses along with mattresses of the top brands. When you visit their store, you are patiently taken through a thorough selection process.

Sleep Number deals with an array of mattress brands and adjustable beds. If you have special sleep needs, such as sleep apnea, back pain, and snoring, you are covered by this option. They offer a 100-night trial and 15- year warranty against defects.

Mattress Land offers top-brand mattresses at their spacious showroom in San Luis, manned by knowledgeable sleep advisers. It performs well in terms of cleanliness, price, timely, and quality delivery.

Your Take

Having made up your mind to get a new mattress, search for the best mattress stores in California that match your requirements. Look out for the brands they stock, current promotions, reviews, and store location. Try to beat high prices by taking advantage of sales events and promotions.

There are multiple ways to shop for a mattress. You can order online or shop in-person at the brick-and-mortar store. Of course, it’s advantageous to shop at the store as you can get all the available models under one roof and test the features of a mattress.

However, you have to contend with salespeople at the store who are intent on making a kill. Your budget and preferences should then guide your ultimate decision.

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