4 Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in California

If you can’t stay without a phone, know that it has become part of you. The catch is in how you use its feeds. However, usage does not apply uniformly across the ages. Due to this, carriers have devised the best cell phone plans for seniors in California. You get treated in line with your preferences.

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We cannot review the best cell phone plans for seniors in California without considering connectivity. Thus, a good plan must first have a vast network reach before pricing seniors’ packages. California’s cell phone carriers provide a tailored mix to cater to senior users with different needs. Some seniors prefer a simple flip phone, while others are tech-savvy and require smartphones.
Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors in California

Why Plans for Seniors

Seniors are unpredictable users of cell phones in terms of calling, text messaging, and data. Your plan depends on whether you want minimal data and longer talk time or vice versa.

If you are 55 years and above, you become a senior and therefore need special consideration. You are no longer excited by the fast lane of youthful intrigues such as games and movies. If your interest is only talking time, then you get value for your money if the carrier excludes data in your plan.

Your health may have slowed down your energy levels. Your hands may tremble to make it difficult to operate small screens. Exposure to bright screens might not be friendly to your aging eyes.

Previews of the Best Cell Phone Plans for seniors in California

1. Consumer cellular
With monthly subscriptions of $25, this carrier provides reasonable talk time and unlimited text plans. You pay as you use. Consumer Cellular offers plans to coincide with your usage.
You can opt for Talk-only plans if you use the cell phone for voice calls. The data options are also in plenty, starting with 500 MBs. You have an option to change the plans to suit your lifestyle.

Intermittent network coverage coupled with expensive data overage characterizes this plan. If you exceed the data plan, the carrier will automatically graduate you to a higher plan. You are charged penalties (hidden costs) for exceeding your data limit.

2. T-Mobile
The carrier takes the lead in unlimited voice and data bundled with excellent network coverage. With as low as $27.50 per month, you get monthly data of up to 50GB. There are no undisclosed costs, and it is tax-free.
Its subscription restricts use to two lines. It is also not favorable to heavy data users.

3. GreatCall (Lively)
Using its three-pronged strategies, you can access plans with low prices, easy-to-operate phones, and medical packages to deal with emergencies. You get a friendly user interface by use of the Jitterbug phone. Its magnified screen takes cognizance of your aging eyesight.
Health and Safety packages that accompany the option provide access to nurses and doctors, alerts to family and friends, and personal operators.
Medical apps facilitate the ordering of medication.
You get only voice calls with the exclusion of text and data. Overall, Lively excels in offering health features.
The plan does not auger well with smartphones. This option is only available for Jitterbug phones. You can’t use any other cell phone.

4. Ting Single Line
Ting’s flexibility allows a monthly service fee. It categorized its usage into tiers for easy billing. This tier system favors seniors who prefer flip phones and make few calls in a month. At $6 per month, it is cheap and affordable. You only pay for what you used regardless of your erratic usage.
– Flexible build-your-own plans
– Wide connectivity
Your unlimited data plans may exceed your tier limit and spill into the next higher tier. Ting uses Mobile and Verizon networks, and during peak times, you get an erratic network as a result. The parent networks will prioritize their customers.

Your Take Home

Cell phones are now so much ingrained in our such that we cannot do without them. Their inbuilt features are the real catch. To some seniors, however, these features are complex maneuvers they least need.

Some senior users prefer using phones to perform essential functions like calling and text only. Check also government programs that offer subsidized plans.

The future dictates that the best cell phone plans for seniors in California must consider incorporating their packages into simple to operate, touch, and go phones. As you age, eyesight may fail, movement may slow your navigation, and memory may lapse. In essence, you need simplified audible, visible, and accessible features.

Not all seniors are technophobic. Some of them can’t live off smartphones. If you are tech-savvy, T-Mobile’s m 50GB will suit your lifestyle. GreatCall incorporates health features thus crucial in times of emergencies.

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