4 Best Diabetes Treatments in California

Contrary to perception, it is possible to live a comfortable life once diagnosed with diabetes. The condition is not a death sentence but can be managed effectively with some of the best diabetes treatments in California.

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Diabetes is one of the most expensive chronic conditions to treat in the U.S. While the condition affects millions of people, medical expenses to manage the condition cost thousands of dollars per patient. Medications and insulin injections contribute to a massive chunk of the costs. We will discuss some of the best diabetes treatments in California beyond drugs.
Best Diabetes Treatments in California

Diabetes comes in two forms. Type 1 is synonymous with the pancreas’ inability to produce the insulin needed to keep blood glucose in check. On the other hand, Type 2 is synonymous with high blood glucose caused by low insulin levels and too much glucose generation.
Consequently, the best diabetes treatments in California come down to the type of diabetes one suffers.

Artificial Pancreases

Approved in 2018, the artificial pancreas is becoming increasingly popular as one of the best diabetes treatments in California owing to its effectiveness in treating type 1 diabetes. The device consists of an insulin monitoring device and an insulin pump. The two combines to adjust insulin flow into the body needed to break down glucose.

Unlike the traditional insulin shots people take manually, the new system automatically regulates insulin and blood sugar levels. Consequently, it can respond adequately to high or low blood sugar levels. In addition, it is a perfect system for kids with type 1 who cannot control their blood sugars.

Glucose monitoring devices and sensors

While there is no cure for diabetes, proper management of blood sugar levels goes a long way in putting the condition under control. As a result, glucose monitoring devices and sensors are becoming increasingly popular as some of the best diabetes treatments in California.

Systems such as Dexcom’s G6 and Freestyle Libre allow patients to monitor their blood sugar without pricking their fingers to obtain a blood sample. Instead, the patient only has to wear a sensor inserted into the skin. The sensor wills continuously measure the glucose levels in the surrounding tissues.

Some sensors come with insulin pumps that regulate insulin levels automatically. In case of high blood glucose levels, the pumps inject more insulin to help control the blood glucose. The same works best for patients who rely on insulin to adjust their blood glucose.

The best diabetes treatments in California: Oral Medicines

Oral medicines can be beneficial for type 2 diabetes, where the body makes too little insulin or the cells don’t respond to the insulin produced. In some cases, they may be the only treatment when diet and exercise are not enough to lower glucose levels in the blood.

The Biguanides are some of the best oral medicines as they work by telling the liver to hang on to some glucose instead of releasing it into the blood. The Meglitinides and sulfonylureas tell the pancreas to make more insulin, which helps break down excess blood glucose. On the other hand, DPP-4 inhibitors prevent the body from breaking down hormones that give the pancreas the go-ahead to produce insulin.

Thiazolidinediones, TZDs, or glitazones are some of the best diabetes treatments in California that work by causing insulin to work better. In addition, they lower insulin resistance levels. Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors are the best when there is a need to slow down the digestion of complex carbohydrates, which can increase blood sugar.

Lifestyle Changes

Diabetes management does not have to be a costly affair through expensive medications or insulin injections. The best diabetes treatments in California will always come down to lifestyle, from eating healthy to staying active and maintaining a healthy body weight. Doing this makes it much easier to maintain blood glucose at acceptable healthy levels, thus keeping diabetes complications at bay.

Losing 5% to 10% of body weight helps reduce cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease but can also help cut back on medications to treat diabetes. In addition, weight loss can ease symptoms of depression known to trigger high blood sugar.
A healthy diet is also essential to avoid blood glucose shooting to unacceptable levels. In this case, paying attention to carbs, fiber, and fat intake is crucial. How much and when one eats is crucial.

While taking any diabetes medication, physical activity is essential. Physical activities make it easy for the muscles to break down excess glucose in the body, given the strong energy demand. It is important to check blood sugar levels before and after exercise to ensure they don’t drop to dangerously low levels.

Additionally, diabetes does not affect people physically alone; it can also be emotionally draining. For example, feeling stressed, low, and depressed can lead to an increase in blood sugar. Therefore, getting emotional support is crucial as part of the treatment regimen.

Bottom Line

Insulin shots and oral medicines are some of the best diabetes treatments in California. However, how effectively they stabilize blood glucose levels depends on the lifestyle. Therefore it is essential to adopt a proper diet and an active livelihood as one of the ways of managing chronic illness.

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